Kim Kardashian Speaks at Harvard Business School: “Bucket List Dream”

Kim Kardashian just spoke at Harvard. What? Like it’s hard?

On Jan. 20, the SKIMS founder traveled to Boston and visited Harvard Business School, where she gave a guest lecture to students about her shapewear company. “I spoke At Harvard Business School yesterday for a class called HBS Moving Beyond DTC,” Kim wrote on Instagram Jan. 21. “The class’s assignment was to learn about @skims, so my partner Jens [Grede] and I spoke about our marketing, our challenges and our greatest wins.”

Kim continued, “I’m so proud of Skims and the thought that it is a course being studied at Harvard is just crazy!!! Thank you professor Len Schlesinger and @harvardhbs for having us. #BucketListDream”

The Kardashians star’s post featured photos of herself on campus, wearing a black pin-striped suit and long, black leather coat. She included a pic of herself with the students in the class.

“Elle Woods,” her friend Olivia Pierson commented, “is that you?”

In addition, pal Paris Hilton wrote  her catchphrase: “That’s hot.”

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