Minnie Driver Reveals Advice She’d Give Herself After Matt Damon Split

So Minnie’s comment—in which she recalled being “devastated” and noted Matt had broken up with her only weeks before—was in response to the “raw and vulnerable” moment. And if the Circle of Friends star could go back in time, she’d tell herself everything would be OK.   

“From this vantage point—you know, 20/20 vision much later in my life,” she added, “I wish I could have told her, ‘Honey, it’s cool. Like you can celebrate, and life’s gonna be great, and beautiful, and hard and amazing. And you’re gonna love again. It’ll be fine.'”

Still, Minnie indicated she would have appreciated a little more empathy from the public at the time.

“A heartbreak is private,” she noted. “And then if you’re an actress, it can be very public. So maybe just us all relating to each other a bit more as humans and we have these similar experiences through different lenses—perhaps we can treat each other all a bit more kindly.”

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