Nicki Minaj Shares Rare Footage of Her Baby Boy Learning to Walk

A moment for life!
Nicki Minaj treated fans to a special delight by sharing footage of her “Papa Bear” (as she affectionately calls him) trying to take his first little steps.
The Queen rapper recently shared the sweet clip of her 8-month-old son on Twitter with a simple teddy bear emoji as the caption.
“You’re not trying to do that all that today?” the 38-year-old mom joked about her son not walking just yet. She then quipped in a baby voice, “Mama, I had it—leave me alone already please!”
In the video, the already-fly little guy, who she shares with husband Kenneth Petty, wore a Burberry T-shirt paired with the cutest sneakers to match and even had a hint of bling as his accessories. The 22-second post was more than enough for fans who couldn’t get enough of the adorable action.
One fan commented, “He’s literally so adorable Nicki omggggg.” Another fan joked about the baby’s jewelry, writing, “That chain probably cost more than my life.”

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