Norman Reedus and Helena Christensen’s 21-Year-Old Son Arrested for Assault

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He continued, “We didn’t think anything of it, but these five girls followed us for two blocks, throwing food at us and yelling. We told them to leave us alone, but they kept following, threatening to hurt my girlfriend and her friend.”

“These girls swarmed me,” he alleged, “one pulling my hair from the back, another throwing water in my face.”

Mingus recalled throwing his arms out to defend himself from the woman and her friends when he hit one of them.

“Ten seconds later the police got involved,” Mingus shared. “Police saw one of the girls hurt and refused to listen to the context. My intention for that day was to mind my own business and play fair games.”

According to the outlet, the star is expected in court in the upcoming weeks.

Reps for Norman and Helena had no immediate comment about Mingus when reached by E! News.

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