Parents of 7-Year-Old Girl Killed by Beach Sand Hole Break Silence

Therese was especially grateful to a nurse who stayed with Maddix while she worked to rescue her daughter.

“Once Maddix got out of the sand, and they were checking him out on the beach, she stayed with him because I wanted to be digging,” she said through tears. “She sat with him the whole time, and she was so kind.”

The family now hopes that people remember Sloan for the positivity she brought into the world, noting she was “a beam of light.”

“She just lived life,” Jason continued. “She would come out in the morning and she would fist pump right out of bed. She’d always be so happy.”

But more importantly, the couple hope they can “save another family going through this.”

Sharing a public plea to future bystanders, he added, “Strangers, if you see something that’s dangerous, take the courage and say something.”

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