These Fleece-Lined Leggings Have 17,600+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

If you need additional info before you shop, here are some reviews from your fellow Amazon shoppers.

Baleaf Women’s Fleece-Lined Winter Leggings Reviews

A shopper reviewed, “I’m 6 foot and most of that is in my legs so finding anything long enough is basically impossible. These not only reach about an inch above my ankle, but the waist actually comes up to my belly button, which is incredibly important in workout gear. Pulling these pants on was like stepping into a hug. The fleece is lightweight but cozy.”

Another shared, “These leggings don’t attract pet hair. Other fleece lined leggings I’ve bought online are pet hair magnets, but these are not.”

An Amazon customer wrote, “Wore these this morning for my Sunday morning run. Thirty degrees. My legs were not cold!! I have to say, I have not had a single disappointment from Baleaf. Highly recommended!”

Someone else explained, “I bought my first pair of these leggings 2 years ago and have been wearing them all winters and in colder summer evenings when camping. They are super stretchy and comfy with the fleece inside. They hold well in the wash.”

“I wanted a pair of lined running pants that were 3x more expensive than this pair, and decided to buy both to see if they were any different. They seemed to be the same fabric out of the package, but the more expensive pair has started pilling after just 2 wears. This product has been fantastic after 5 wears and a wash cycle. They are very comfortable, fit well. They are great for hikes and walking the dog as the temps fall into the 40’s to high 30’s,” a shopper wrote.

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