Tyron Woodley May Have Just Knocked Out Jake Paul With His Words Before Their Actual Fight

It didn’t take long for the duo’s interview to go viral online, with many claiming Tyron to be the real winner of their sit-down.

“Tyron just murdered this goofy kid,” one YouTuber commented, with another writing, “I’m actually loving Woodley right now. I haven’t watched much of his interviews etc but he’s funny and honest too, well seems honest.”

Another replied, “Im sorry but when Jake said ‘I see his chest right now, his heart rate is sky high’ then cuts to Tyron Woodley’s face and he’s just chillin is the funniest s–t i’ve seen today.”

One Twitter user cheered on the YouTuber, writing, “Tyron Woodley is going to beat Jake paul. But Jake Paul will gain the boxing fans respect.”

Tyron and Jake will soon go from trash talking to fist fighting when they box on Sunday, Aug. 29 at 8 p.m. EST on Showtime.

Watch the nearly 40-minute video above!

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