What Each Zodiac Sign Needs for Gemini Season, According to Our Expert

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We’re done with Taurus season, we don’t have to worry about Mercury retrograde until August, and we finally find ourselves at the precipice of Gemini season. And to give you a feel for what this month holds, our resident astrology advisor Lisa Greenfield has stacked all the zodiac signs below…backwards. So, with the spiritual help of Lisa, we’ve broken down items that can help guide you through Gemini season, according to your zodiac sign.

Because as Jupiter meets with Venus and trines Pluto, Greenfield reports, “dreams can come true and your efforts can be rewarded beyond what you imagined. However, there is a price to pay. You have to let go of your usual way of seeing and speaking and be open to the unfamiliar.” Which is actually harder than it sounds when it comes to love, career, health, and more. It’s important to “slow down, reframe whatever happens and see things with fresh eyes,” Lisa explains, so you can “discover an almost magical world of options.”

After all, Jupiter in Gemini wants you to try new things or do old things in a new way, Lisa adds. “This is a time of exploration, trial, and error.” And even if things don’t go as planned, “it’s simply a chance to refine your original desire or how you go about achieving it. Remember, if you go too fast, you pull from habit instead of expanding into tempting new space. Don’t let fear scare you off.”

And as we start this season of the Twins, Lisa reminds us that, “This is a unique time in history to discover more of your authentic self and make dreams come true. Breathe, build trust in yourself, and know you’ve got this.”

Now, let’s get astrological.

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