Why NFL Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Deserves the Title of All-Star Dad

Brittany & Patrick Mahomes Welcome Baby No. 2

The ruling on the field stands: Patrick Mahomes is one cool dad. 

As the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback prepares to compete in Super Bowl 2023 on Feb. 12, Patrick has already won the game of parenting thanks to his relationship with 23-month-old daughter Sterling Skye.

“She’s a kid now, she’s a toddler, not a baby anymore,” Patrick said of his and wife Brittany Mahomes‘ eldest child on the Sept. 19 episode of The Drive radio show. “It’s cool when you go home, and she recognizes you, and does what you’re asking her to do, and she’s super smart. Definitely cool to see her grow up.” 

Even cooler for the Super Bowl champion is seeing her become an older sister after he and Brittany welcomed Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III in November.

“She’s figuring it out,” the athlete shared when describing Sterling’s reaction to another baby in the house. “She wants to hold him, and take care of him, and everything like that.”

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