Why Rachel Says She Walked Away From The Bachelor a True Winner

“I was really debating it,” Rachel admitted. “Because I had been pretty silent on what I was struggling with. I didn’t really tell production or tell anybody. But I thought, you know, the more I stay silent about it, the more it’s going to happen. And even if me speaking out doesn’t change much, at least people can maybe feel how much it’s affected me.”

Though, to be clear, even thought the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, to quote the iconic Courtney Robertson, Rachel is still winning. 

“I’m not saying it brought me down,” she clarified. “Don’t get it twisted. But it’s still hurtful to hear the things that people are saying and how they’re so upset because of an interracial couple or because I just got a rose. It’s 2024, you know, and it’s very frustrating.” 

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