Why Shawn Johnson’s Son Jett Had an Easy Transition to Big Brother

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Admittedly, Shawn Johnson East was expecting a few stumbles when 2-year-old son Jett became a big brother. 

Ahead of the Dec. 12 arrival of her and husband Andrew East‘s youngest, Barrett “Bear” Madison East, “We were nervous because he showed some signs before we had the baby of, like, it would be hard,” the Olympic gymnast revealed in an exclusive interview with E! News. “He was just very clingy and emotional.” 

But seven weeks in, the toddler has taken his brother in as his own tiny cub. 

“Jett has actually done really, really well,” said the athlete, 32. “This little dude is his baby. He wakes up asking about him, he breaks out of his [own] room and breaks into his room. I mean, he’s in love with him and we try to celebrate that instead of hold him back, which has been really fun.” 

Daughter Drew, 4, is similarly obsessed: “We haven’t had to deal with jealousy or he harsh transition with them,” Shawn added. “We’ve had a great experience and they’ve been little helpers, which has been awesome.”

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