15 Not-Too-Obvious Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

15 Not-Too-Obvious Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

15 Not-Too-Obvious Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day comes with a few benefits. First, it means that flowers and chocolate are readily available. (Who doesn’t love that?) Second, it’s an opportunity to double down on self-care. (Who better to love than yourself?) Third, it means we can get our nails done (if only as an excuse to be in the spirit of the season). It might sound like a flimsy excuse, but it’s not. We’re serious when it comes to our nails.

However, classic Valentine’s Day manicures can sometimes leave something to be desired. Load up too much on cutesy red and pink hearts, and the design can feel too… obvious. That’s why we’re looking for something different this February 14. Maybe it’s a minimalist nail design. Maybe it’s a velvet-effect manicure. Regardless, we don’t want our nails to scream Valentine’s; we want them to quietly whisper it. Ahead, see the 15 nail designs we’re considering this year.

Red heart charm on nude nails

Sometimes, a strategic nail charm is all you need to make an impact. Use nail glue to attach it to one nail, keeping the rest of the nails bare. It’s simple yet effective.

Silver sparkle reverse French manicure

An easy way to upgrade a reverse French manicure is to make it silver and sparkly.

Short red nails with a hint of pink by the cuticle

Classic red is made more interesting when you add a hint of pink near the cuticles.

Wavy white nail design

White may not be the most obvious choice, but that’s kind of the point.

Gold rose nail design

This manicure is giving Beauty and the Beast in the best way.

Dark wine-colored nails

Why not opt for a wine-colored manicure to match your date-night drink?

Red minimalist nail design

Beige and red is the unexpected color combo we didn’t know we needed.

Black bow nail design

This black bow design is the perfect mani for lovers of the coquette aesthetic.

Magenta velvet-effect nails

Velvet nails will always make our Valentine’s Day mood board.

Chocolate brown nails with a heart design

The only thing better than chocolates on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate-colored nails.

Pink cloud nail design

We’re calling these “pink daydream nails,” and they’re so pretty.

Black French tips

A minimal black French manicure is so elevated. Be sure to apply a super-glossy topcoat over it to give it that little something extra.

Rose quartz nail design

Rose quartz is the stone of self-love, so why not bring it into your manicure?

Red French manicure nail design

We’re obsessed with the delicate black designs on this red French manicure.

Black heart nail design

This is proof that an all-black manicure can still be romantic.

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