4 Workwear Essentials for Transitional Weather

So long, summer. It was nice knowing you. Well, perhaps this goodbye is a little hasty, but after a bumpy start and an unforgettable heatwave, we now find ourselves in the transitional in-between—a confusing state of greying skies but muggy weather. Until we’re firmly in the throes of winter dressing, it’s time to get clever with what we’re wearing for the pre-fall season.

As back-to-school looms, we’re also back to the office (at least, those of us who managed to get a holiday), and while we’re packing away our swimwear for another year, we’re also restocking our wardrobes in anticipation of a cosy autumn. But whenever we shop, it’s important to think smart about what will serve our wardrobes best, and investing in versatile pieces is always a good idea for the season ahead. Thankfully, Marks and Spencer knows how to nail the kind of seasonal must-haves and quality basics that will work for any occasion, whether it’s a rush-hour commute or a weekend toast. So if you’ve been looking for an outfit that’s perfect for the 9-to-5 and your evening plans, look no further. We’ve just made the job that much easier for you. (And there’s no grey trouser suit in sight.)

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