6 Ageless Trends that Look Fashionable in Your 50s

If I know one thing to be true, it’s that fashion is ageless and great style is forever, but as a fashion editor I’m still often asked if certain trends are “age appropriate”. While I understand the intention behind the question, I still can’t help but feel disappointed. After all, the power of a great outfit is universal, and we’re at our most confident when we look and feel our best (and believe me, that has no age limit). So when it comes to discussing the relevance of current trends for an over-fifties reader, my advice is exactly the same as it would be for anyone else—start with wardrobe staples and investment pieces that will work with what you already own, and inject some fun and vibrancy by introducing micro-trends like colours and accessories that speak to your own unique style. And, no one knows this better than influencer and communications director Marie-Louise Maxwell.

While scrolling through Instagram I noticed just how many current runway trends Marie-Louise manages to incorporate in her wardrobe, but all her with own interpretation on the style. Burgundy? You’ll find in the form of cosy knits and glossy leather. Statement handbags? She has sparkles, clutches and crossbodies in spades, and denim? No problem, she’s got a comprehensive jean collection, and tall girls take note: she has the insider scoop on the best brands for those over 5″8′. So, who better to turn to for tips on how to build a fashionable wardrobe for the over fifties than Marie-Louise? 

Whether you’re looking for trending buys, investment pieces, or the key to looking polished, keep scrolling to uncover styling tips from one of the best on Instagram, and to shop the key pieces that will bring new life to your usual rotation.

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