Abercrombie Sloane Tailored Pants Review With Photos

Abercrombie Sloane Tailored Pants Review With Photos

Abercrombie Sloane Tailored Pants Review With Photos

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When I was a kid, I was always baffled by how cartoon characters would wear the exact same outfits in every episode of a TV show. Minnie Mouse was always in her staple red polka-dot dress with a matching bow; Kim Possible was deeply committed to her pairing of denim cargo pants with a cropped green tank to match; and even Lizzie McGuire’s animated alter ego would don her pink tank, high-waisted jeans, and orange platform sandals time and time again.

In my adolescent mind, I always just assumed these characters had a closet stocked full of the exact same clothing items — presumably, I put much more thought into the wardrobes of fictional characters than most kids. Ironically, my closet as an adult has (albeit unintentionally) sort of started to mirror that concept in a lot of ways.

The older I get, the less interested I am in experimenting with new clothes or wasting my money on styles that I’m not convinced will still be relevant next season. I’m more focused on creating an investment wardrobe with staple pieces that can grow with me — and more importantly, ones that I trust already look and feel great on me. The viral Abercrombie A&F Sloane Tailored Pants ($54, originally $90) have proven to be such a style — after panic-buying them for a work event earlier this year, I’ve since expanded my closet to include the pants in three colors (and have no intention of stopping there). Ahead, I break down why exactly I love these comfortable pants so much and why I’d argue that they’re the ultimate wardrobe staple for anyone.

What I Like About the Abercrombie Sloane Tailored Pants

Given that I own them in three different colors — and have every intention of buying more — I think it’s fair to say there’s a lot to love about these tailored pants. First and foremost, I appreciate their breathable design. When it comes to formal wear, I’ve long felt that women’s clothing has lacked in the comfort department — the styles are often too stiff or heavy and noticeably more uncomfortable in comparison to men’s workwear pieces. Evidently, these Abercrombie pants are made from an everyday menswear fabric that’s designed to encompass everything great about a classic trouser pant, just in a more loose and flexible design. The material feels cooling on the body, almost like a spandex type of fabric. And despite their casual fit, the pants also look undeniably flattering while on, thanks to their tailored drape and pleated accents. I’m happy to wear them to a work event or just while lounging around the house; they truly work for every occasion.

I also appreciate how easy they are to dress up or down. For a relaxed daytime look, I can keep it simple with a cropped tank top, ballet flats, and a crossbody bag. For an elevated office look, it’s easy to team the pants with a bodysuit, an oversize blazer, and Mary Janes — the ensemble immediately makes me look polished and put together (even if I’m actually just running out the door). And then for a cool everyday outfit that can take me from the office to after-work drinks with my girls and beyond, I love keeping it simple with a body-con sweater and heels to match. The styling options are truly endless, which means I can really get my money’s worth with the formal pants.

What’s Worth Noting

Abercrombie has a unique size guide that’s atypical to other fashion brands, so it’s recommended that you reference the guide first before placing your order or assuming you know your correct size based on past purchases. For example, I am 5’10” and will usually wear a medium size in the pants department (which usually translates to a size 4 or 6). Because Abercrombie offers a wide range of sizes and lengths (including extra short, short, regular, and long), I decided to order the size 28 long — which is labeled as being a small on the brand’s website — and found that the pants fit perfectly. Make sure to double check the brand’s size guide to ensure you get the best fit and length for your body type.

Who Are the Abercrombie Sloane Tailored Pants Best For?

If you (like me) are all about investing in more wardrobe essentials that can live in your closet for the longterm, then you need these Abercrombie pants in your life. I’ve worn them in such a diverse range of environments — traveling through the airport, attending a show at New York Fashion Week, grabbing dinner with my girlfriends (and receiving endless compliments from them on how much they similarly love the style on me), and even just running errands around my neighborhood. Through it all, I’ve never felt out of place, underdressed, and, most important of all, uncomfortable. The bottoms are so versatile, and thanks to their ultra-flattering design, I immediately feel more put together the moment I slip into them. Whether you are looking to expand your work wardrobe, are in desperate need of a new everyday pant, or simply want an excuse to add more Abercrombie pants to your closet (because why not?), these are a style you can wear for any season or occasion.

Additional Details

  • These Abercrombie pants are available to shop in US women’s sizes 23 through 37, along with lengths like extra short (perfect for petites), short, regular, and long.
  • The bottoms come in a wide variety of colors, including more neutral shades like gray and black, as well as fun options like pink and olive. I own the bottoms in white, medium brown, and dark brown.
  • They’re made from an everyday menswear fabric, and the brand recommends machine washing these pants cold with like colors, then tumble drying them on low to better protect the style and preserve their quality over time.

Where Can I Buy These Abercrombie Sloane Tailored Pants?

These comfortable pants are available to shop exclusively at Abercrombie.



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