Best Friend Gifts that Show You Really Care

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The best part? They’re all *actually* affordable.

Finding the right best friend gifts can be tough. How do you show them how much you care? What does your present say about how you view them? Is it even possible to offer a token that truly captures your friendship appreciation?

The gift-giving anxiety is real, but we’re here to help.

What to look for in thoughtful best friend gifts

Contrary to popular belief, great best friend gifts don’t have to be exorbitant grand gestures or surprise getaway trips. We know: you want something that shows you care. But you can find that in the simple stuff.

For starters, use their interests as inspiration. Are they big on interior design? Buy a cool trinket to add to their glassware collection. Are they an introvert who values their alone time? Prepare a DIY self-care pack for a quiet night in.

Above all, your present should feel like it was chosen with thoughtful consideration. Below, we’ve curated the ultimate list of thoughtful best friend gifts so you can shop for your pal with ease.

Our fave best friend gifts 2024

Laneige lip sleeping mask

laneige lip mask, best friend gifts

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask dominated the beauty zeitgeist in 2022. And in 2024, it’s reached icon status. If you’re looking for a non-fussy product that feels good for everyone, this is a classic choice because it is simply excellent.

The thick texture melts onto lips, restoring and moisturizing even the driest of winter skin. Rich in antioxidants and a hit of vitamin C, this luxurious lip treatment is a truly thoughtful token to receive.

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JW Pei Gabbi ruched hobo handbag

JW pei, best friend gifts

Beloved by celebrities and the TikTok algorithm alike, JW Pei is a rare designer brand that is both impossibly chic and accessible to the average shopping budget.

Crafted from vegan leather and oozing elevated minimalism, it’s the perfect gift for your fashion girlie friend. This versatile shoulder bag, available in 9 colours, will easily complement any ensemble, from a nighttime look to everyday styling.

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Fabbri Amarena wild cherries

cherries, best friend gifts

This is for that friend who loves to romanticize their life with little treats. Whether they’re adding sweetness to Manhattans or adorning Shirley Temples, authentic Amarena cherries are more complex than your typical maraschinos, and have picked up a cult-like following on TikTok.

Imported from Italy, these wild cherries are candied and immersed in syrup for a perfect balance of sweet and tart. They’re great for zhuzhing up yogurt parfaits, including in desserts, and elevating a charcuterie board. And when emptied, the jar — covered in Italian artwork — can be used as a home decor trinket.

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Women’s satin pyjamas

Satin pyjamas, best friend gifts

Fact: Sleeping in a cute pyjama set drastically increases one’s quality of life. Unlike trendy clothing items, PJs are meant to last, serving as a reliably cozy choice any night of the week. This silky-smooth PJ set — available in 35 (!) colours and styles — is a treat-yourself sleepwear choice.

Made of breathable, skin-friendly material, it’s super-soft to the touch. Not to mention, design elements like white piping, a chest pocket and a notch collar add an inexplicable touch of luxury. It’s one of our favourite gifts for best friends prone to sleepovers and travel adventures.

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Kodak Film Camera

kodak camera, best friend gifts

You know those friends who always document the moment? Show them your appreciation by upping their photography game. With its quintessentially vintage design (available in five colourways), this pocket-size camera is the perfect on-the-go accessory. Plus, film photos make memories all the more special because they’re limited.

Perfect for beginners, this point-and-shoot camera means your friend doesn’t have to fiddle with settings. With a built-in flash, it can capture any setting, from outdoor camping adventures to a night on the town.

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Free People Lady Bow

Free People bow, best friend gifts

Does your friend dabble in bow culture? Do they affix ribbons to everyday items? Are they yearning for girlhood through fashion, like much of the world right now? Get them this bow. With a trailing feminine design, this delicate accessory adds a romantic visual to any ensemble.

Crafted with long flowing sheer tails, this bow is available in 8 colours and instantly elevates any hairstyle. Coquette-core is a lifestyle after all.

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BeeVines Silk sleep masks

satin sleep mask, best friend gifts

Give the gift of good sleep with this 100% pure silk eye mask set. Crafted with hypoallergenic material that is gentle on your skin, these adjustable masks block light to help your friend get quality shut-eye.

Not only that, they calm the skin as it sleeps, helping to reduce puffiness when waking up. Available in a pastel pink and jet black, these masks can be hand-washed and used for a lifetime. Here’s to beauty rest — it’s what they deserve.

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Creative Co-Op stoneware measuring cups

measuring cups, best friend gifts

Does your friend bake to deal with stress? Help enable that cottage-core coping mechanism. These thoughtfully adorned measuring cups capture the joys of simple living, with colourful floral illustrations that vary with each measurement.

The set comes in size increments of ¼ cup, ½ cup, 1 cup and 1 ½ cup, making them perfect for baking or even drinking out of. Crafted of quality stoneware, they’re safe for the microwave, oven and dishwasher.

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Pandora Infinity Knot ring

pandora ring, best friend gifts

Friendship is forever. And your pal will think of you every time they wear this sleek infinity-knot ring, which is available in both silver and gold.

The infinity symbol is universally known to symbol a meaningful bond, and Pandora’s thoughtful interpretation here shows a slightly asymmetrical knot to signify the strength of the connection. Wear it on its own for a subtle statement or add it to your stack of gold-hued rings.

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Kiss Bare But Better Nails

kiss nails, best friend gifts

Got a perennially busy friend who never carves out time for self-care? Treat them to an at-home express manicure with these beloved stick-ons. In a chic nude glossy shade, Kiss’ Bare But Better nail collections serve salon-grade nail elegance that lasts for at least a week.

For those who don’t have time for bi-weekly salon visits or don’t have the skill (sorry!) to deal with nail polish themselves, these ready-to-wear gels are easy to apply, hassle-free and perfectly safe to use on natural nails.

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Etsy satin flower scrunchies

flower scrunchie, best friend gifts

Two words: flower scrunchies. These oversized satin hair ties are perfect for the friend who always wears their hair in a ponytail and who likes to personalize their locks.

Handmade in Canada, these are thoughtfully designed and crafted — to feel less like a hair tie and more like a cool addition to your outfit.

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Bee Rx plumping serum

Bee Rx lip plumper, best friend gifts

This is for that friend who is in search of rounder, rosier lips without the stinging pain of typical plumpers. Formulated with New Zealand Kanuka honey and humanely sourced bee venom, this all-natural and sustainable lip plumper is easier on your lips than the alternatives with all the same coveted results.

Its tingling sensation gives a softened, enhanced pout, and the serum is formulated to stimulate collagen production. Non-oily or sticky, it’s also designed to work under your bestie’s favourite lipstick.

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L’Oréal Absolut Repair leave-in mask

absolut repair l'oreal, best friend gifts

Let’s hear it for low-maintenance haircare. Keeping one’s locks healthy shouldn’t feel like a chore, and with L’Oreal’s Absolut Repair leave-in mask, it never does. Simply apply on damp hair from root to tip, let it dry, and style as usual.

Within one use, hair feels notably softer. What’s more, as it is designed for over-processed, damaged hair, this product not only strengthens but protects against heat up to 450°F.

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Paul Smith patterned socks

paul klein socks, best friend gifts

There are few things more fun than patterned socks. Paul Smith’s menswear three-pack takes tasteful stockings to the next level with a set of distinctly designed socks that are crafted in Italy.

Comprising a striped pair, a polka-dotted pair and a dog-patterned pair (because, of course), these socks are crafted with performance in mind too, thanks to their ribbed ankle that hugs the foot just so.

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Everly clean candle refill kit

everly candles best friend gifts

Presenting: a craft and a candle all in one. This environmentally-minded refill candle is intended for those who hoard cute used-up candle containers and cups. Simply take a candle-worthy vessel and fill it with the contents of this bag.

Plus, unlike many conventional candles, it’s free of parabens and paraffin wax for a scent that permeates your space with natural ingredients. Made with soy and coconut oil, it smells of calming jasmine, vanilla and saffron.

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Fluted ribbed coupe glasses

martini glasses, best friend gifts

Every drink tastes better when sipped out of a cute glass. Whether they’re being sipped on or sitting decoratively on a bar cart, these decadent ribbed coupe glasses make any drink — from sleepy girl mocktails to espresso martinis — into a special occasion.

With an Art Deco appeal and a vintage aesthetic, this set of two flute glasses is delicate yet functional. For the friend who’s looking to enter their at-home bartender era, these dishwasher-safe glasses are sure to impress.

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Mejuri Puffy Charlotte hoops

mejuri puffy hoops, best friend gifts

It’s no secret that puffy fashion is in. Swollen sartorial moments have a statement-making appeal, and these hoops are perfect for your always-on-trend friend.

Handcrafted in sterling silver, Mejuri’s Charlotte hoops are unapologetically inflated, offering a chunky ribbed design that stands out in a crowd. Give it to that one person who deserves to take up space.

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Maison Margiela Perfume tester

margiela perfume tester, best friend gifts

Purchasing perfume for someone else can be a tricky business, but Maison Margiela’s widely beloved Replica collection is a safe bet. If your friend loves fragrances and is also indecisive, consider gifting them this tester kit to try the scents out for themselves.

With a mix of summery aromas (Sailing Day; Beach Walk) and warm winter notes (By the Fireplace; Jazz Club), discovering these 10 mini unisex fragrances will add some intrigue to their routine — and may lead them to find their signature scent.

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Bath and Body Works eucalyptus spearmint spa box

bath and body works set best firend gifts

Bring the spa to them with this all-in-one self-care kit. Filled with relaxing scents like fresh spearmint, clary sage and eucalyptus leaf, this decorative gift box comes a body lotion, an essential oil mist, a single-wick candle, body wash and foam bath.

In other words, it’s the perfect token for that friend who deserves to take a little time for themselves.

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