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MONTH OF January

Home is where the action—and the friction—will be for the first three weeks of January. The Sun is making the rounds through Capricorn and your domestic fourth house until January 20, inspiring you to cozy up at Chateau Libra or focus on personal matters. But with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn until January 18, things could be rough under your roof, with family feuds, rowdy roommates or uncomfortable changes in your emotional life. You may need to hash out some items and come to a new understanding with loved ones now. As much as Libras hate conflict, this is difficult but necessary work.

Relationship evolution is a huge theme of 2023, in fact, as expansive Jupiter will spend the year in the most committed parts of your chart. Until May 16, the planet of personal growth is in Aries and your partnership house, helping you find a more equitable balance between give and take. Then, it will plunge into Taurus and your intimate eighth house for the rest of the year, prompting you to explore the space where “two become one.” Can you join forces without losing yourself, Libra? That will be one of the top focuses of the year ahead!

If your life has felt stalled in the adventure department, boredom dissipates after January 12, when energizer Mars ends a ten-week retrograde in Gemini and your ninth house of travel, wisdom and new horizons. With the red planet revved up and hanging out in Gemini until March 25, you could book a vacation or sign up for an inspiring class that takes your mind off challenges in your personal or home life. Nothing like a fresh perspective to reframe your mindset, Libra.


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Your playful side returns on January 20, when the Sun moves into Aquarius and your romantic, joyful fifth house for a month. The next four weeks will lift your spirits and bring out your bolder side. New love or creative opportunities could spark up at the January 21 Aquarius new moon, which also ushers in the Year of the Water Rabbit that evening. 

The energy keeps picking up from there. On January 22, unpredictable Uranus ends a five-month retrograde through Taurus and your eighth house of wealth, shared property and intimacy. Once Uranus corrects course, there are zero retrograde planets for a couple months, an unobstructed cosmic landscape to start moving forward with your 2023 endeavors.

It’s Capricorn season until January 20 (but Mercury’s retrograde until January 18)

Break out the fuzzy slippers, fluffy bathrobes and cozy cashmere throws. Until January 20, you’re in full “hygge” mode, warming up Chateau Libra with nesting vibes as the Sun lingers in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Let everyone else rush around in a resolution rampage. For you, it’s a reflective time to sit with your emotions and make sure you’re securely anchored before diving into the new year. It makes sense, Libra, because your sign hates to be rushed—and that goes for turning the calendar page too! 

Your domestic bliss could be disrupted though, or you may need to work through some post-holiday tensioclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” n with loved ones. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until January 18, a cycle that started on December 29. Mercury could bring misunderstandings with a close friend, family member or even your landlord or roommate. 

Try not to take any of it too personally since you’ll be especially sensitive and prone to seeing situations through the lens of your own strong emotions. You might burst into tears one minute, then laughter the next. But as erratic as these mood swings may seem, they are actually helping you understand what you need to feel rooted over the long haul. Maybe you’ve stuffed down a few emotions that are all coming out at once. 

Home and family matters reach a moment of intensity on January 18—right as Mercury retrograde ends and the Sun holds its annual meetup with transformational, deep-diving Pluto. Your relationship with an important female-identified person (possibly your mom) is in need of your focused attention. 

With spiritual Pluto involved, you could have a vivid dream about a departed relative that feels like a visitation (and might just be!). Your subconscious is also processing a complex brew of feelings around this relationship, from anger to sadness to grief. Pay special attention to your intuition today. Give your home a space clearing if things feel unbalanced. No complex rituals required. You could simply burn some sage if you have some, then declutter and move furniture and objects around to create more fluid energy flow.

The January 6 Cancer full moon spotlights your career

Ready, set, #goals! One day to break from the touchy-feely vibes and focus on your outward ambitions arrives on Friday, January 6. The first full week of 2023 caps off with a Cancer full moon that ignites your tenth hours of career and success. This energy can position you for a public role or a leadership position as the calendar turns. Show up this Monday ready for action, even if you return to your hibernation station by tomorrow. This is a day to make an impression or get a head start on some bigger goals and initiatives.

Your relationship with an important man, possibly your dad, could be a focal point of this emotional full moon. Expressing your feelings, either directly to him or by venting to a supportive friend, would be cathartic. No need to carry any anger or frustration into the new year, Libra! 

Aquarius season brings romance and fun starting January 20

Love could take center stage later in the month—and that’s welcome news to you! Your mojo gets a boost on January 20, when the Sun enters Aquarius, heating up your fifth house of passion and play for a month. But since Libras can get lost in relationships and other people’s lives, allow us to remind you that the “greatest love of all” has to happen within you. (And if it has, then more power to you and your boo.)

So sure, Valentine’s month is coming around the corner, with all its pressure to pair off. If you’re single, why wait for Cupid to show up…or really, anyone? Get out there and have some fun—in other words, show up for yourself and your own happiness. If a willing playmate wants to join the party, the more the merrier. During Aquarius season, get clear about where you’re NOT in love with your own life, then set about changing that. Then you can approach romance as an enhancement to your satisfaction, not the source of it. 

The next four weeks will unleash your inner joie de vivre, an ideal time to develop your gifts. Start a creative project, tune up your talents or focus on new ways to express yourself. Your charisma is working overtime, so channel that confidence into a performance or a glam new winter look (complete with photo shoot). Aquarius season invites you to have fun with your image, going bold and colorful. 

Enter the Water Rabbit! Aquarius new moon and Lunar New Year’s Eve on January 21

Your Valentine’s Day vibes begin early, especially when the January 21 Aquarius new moon sets off a new six-month cycle that could bring fame or revitalized romance. Since the fifth house rules fertility, a pregnancy is possible for some Libras. Or the spotlight could find you—even if you’re not courting it—as your uniclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” que self-expression draws fans and admirers. 

This evening will kick off the Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit, a 12-month cycle that will be a gentler, more compassionate upgrade from the unpredictable Water Tiger that prowled the skies since February 2022. While you’ve learned how to be more nimble and to respond more quickly, the Tiger kept us all on our toes, pivoting right when we thought we had a plan. Is it any wonder the world has “fatigue” and “exhaustion” from just about everything?

Uranus retrograde ends on January 22

Where is the balance between freedom and intimacy? Can you feel autonomous yet still connected? Get ready to explore this paradox on January 22, when liberated Uranus ends a five-month retrograde in Taurus and your eighth house of merging. You could surprise yourself by suddenly wanting space—or, on the flip side, almost rushing into something ultra-official on a whim. Easy there, Libra! The eighth house pushes us to extremes, but fickle Uranus could make you run hot and cold while it settles back into direct (forward) motion. Give the dust a couple weeks to settle.

Uranus is the planet of surprises, and some unexpected news or offers could pop up near the end of January. Out of the blue, you could hear of an opportunity to join forces, and possibly finances, for mutual gain. With experimental Uranus in your erotic eighth house, a mind-body-soul attraction could suddenly ignite. Tech-savvy Uranus could forge this connection virtually before you get to experience your off-the-charts chemistry in the flesh.

Does that sound exciting—or a little overwhelming? Probably both because this wildly contradictory Uranus transit, which lasts until 2026, is showing you how commitment can also set you free. It’s a delicate balancing act (that Libra buzz phrase) and all too easy to lose your individuality trying to make a partner or important person happy. You’re being challenged to hold your space without pushing someone else away. Cracking the code on that isn’t easy—and if you figure out how to do it, please share your secret! The key is taking things one moment at a time, remaining authentic and tuned in to your desires while giving others the space to do the same.

Fun and freedom are your aphrodisiacs this month, Libra! The romantic landscape looks like an exciting one for the start of 2023 as love planets Venus and Mars visit your fellow air signs for most of January. 

From January 2 to 26, your ruler, Venus, is in Aquarius and your heart-centered, hot-blooded fifth house. This should have you feeling confident and passionate, willing to put your feelings out in the open. Be bold about showing your interest, along with your own true colors. The fastest way to find out if someone’s a good match is to be your most genuine, unfiltered self.

Okay, maybe keep a couple filters ON, Libra. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde until January 18 in your emotional fourth house, and you could overwhelm your audience if you come on too strong. This could also bring out a touch of neediness in you or the other person, and, well, clinginess is never a turn-on.

But just wait: On January 12, spicy Mars will end a ten-week retrograde in Gemini and your free-spirited, adventurous ninth house. You’ll quickly shake off that emo spell and regain your perspective. There’s a wide and wild world waiting for you out there, so who has time to brood?

Mars is in Gemini until March 25, so you’ll get busy making up for lost time. Travel plans could bring an air of excitement with the red planet in your global ninth house. You might become a member of the mile-high club on one of your long-distance flights (though classy Libras would probably wait for “wheels down” and a proper hotel check-in before going there). Either way, bringing a swirl of adventure to your love life will have a potent ripple effect. Get out of your comfort zone and watch that sultry swagger return. Laugh, flirt and share your Libra light—you really can be one of the funniest signs of the zodiac! 

On January 9, love planets Venus and Mars will form a harmonious trine, a special configuration that opens your mind and heart. You could find yourself attracted to someone quite different than your usual type or considering a long-distance relationship. Mars will still be retrograde for a few more days, so it’s possible that this is someone you already know. For coupled Libras, this Venus-Mars trine could spark a fearlessly honest conversation.

Back to work? You’ll get there in due time. While the rest of the world is diving into 2023 goal-making mode, you’re not QUITE ready to join those hectic masses just yet. The Sun is lingering in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house until January 20, giving you a pass to take your time and indulge in self-care before you leap back into the fray. 

Save for the January 6 Cancer full moon in your career house, you’re in energy-conservation mode, especially since communication planet Mercury is retrograde until January 18. So hang out in your yoga pants a little while longer, decompressing from the holidays and letting yourself process any lingering emotions. Hey, getting in touch with your feelings only helps you create more heart-centered goals for the new year, right?

When the Sun moves into Aquarius and your expressive fifth house for a month on January 20, you’re feeling more like play than work. Try to combine the two if you can. Dive into a creative project, rally coworkers for a fun after-work activity and court the spotlight a bit. With el Sol shining in your fame sector, you never know who might be checking out your feeds or keeping tabs on your edgy moves. There’s no shame in using this scene-stealing time to build up an audience or draw attention to your talents. 

Love Days: 21, 26

Money Days: 6, 15

Luck Days: 3, 13

Off Days: 11, 28

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