Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet Review With Photos 2024

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

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These days, I’m adamant about removing as much baggage from my life as possible — both metaphorically and literally. I’ve long been a fan of Lululemon’s cult-favorite Belt Bag because of its compact yet functional design, but I’ve recently been coveting something even smaller for my day-to-day activities — like gym-trips, running errands, or basically any other scenario where I’d prefer to carry as little as possible. Lo and behold, Lululemon is actually the genius behind yet another viral accessory that pairs the brand’s signature, sporty aesthetic with a lightweight and easy-to-carry bag design. Enter: the Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet ($48).

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Chronically online folks (like myself) are likely all too familiar with this compact accessory, as it’s become a mainstay on TikTok’s “For You” page (along with the go-to travel bag) for dozens of fashion editors and influencers alike. With all the hype surrounding this stylish pouch, I couldn’t help but wonder if the accessory was really worth all of the internet craze, especially in light of the obsession surrounding its mid-size predecessor. Curious — and frankly looking for an excuse to spend my Lululemon gift card — I bought and tested the Dual Pouch Wristlet and sought to answer the many questions surrounding the accessory. Why is everyone so obsessed with Lululemon’s Dual Pouch Wristlet? How much can you actually fit in the Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet? Is there a better Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet dupe to shop online? I answer all of that, and more, ahead.

How Was I Influenced to Buy the Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet?

Similarly to most of my product buys these days, TikTok introduced and ultimately influenced me to purchase the Dual Pouch Wristlet. For months, I’ve seen users tout the accessory in videos and Instagram reels, all showing off the different ways that they use the pouch in their day-to-day lives. Some rave that it’s their go-to gym accessory because it holds their keys, Apple AirPods, and credit cards, all in one convenient place. Others swear it’s the perfect bag alternative for travel because it eliminates the fear of pickpocketing thanks to its handheld design.

What I Like About the Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet

For me, the wristlet’s customizable design is a huge part of its appeal. Both of the pouches are detachable from the product’s main hook, meaning you can add or remove them as you like. I can also attach other items to the main hook, like my car keys or mace, so it’s a great modular accessory for those who prefer something that they can easily make their own. The wristlet is also made from a 100 percent recycled nylon material that’s sleek to the touch and relatively easy to keep clean; per the brand, you can simply spot clean it to remove any stains or dirt.

Despite its compact design, the pouches can also hold quite a bit — including several credit cards, cash, a small lipstick, and anything else you’d like to keep handy. The actual wristlet is pretty open and stretchy, so you can comfortably wear it around your wrist without fear of skin irritation. And with a wide variety of tones and colorways, there are so many fun options to shop that feel totally unique to the traditional cardholder or wallet.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

What’s Worth Noting

My biggest qualm with this accessory is the lack of cardholder slots on the inside of the pouch. Prior to purchasing one of my own, I’d always assumed that the accessory would at least have one or two slots to keep items like credit cards or my driver’s license secure, similar to the design of a traditional cardholder. While this doesn’t affect the security of the piece — I still feel comfortable carrying around the accessory with items that I’d normally store in my wallet — I do think that having an extra interior slot or compartment would make all the difference in keeping items separated and thus easier to pull out whenever needed.

Reviewers on Lululemon’s site also noted that the light-colored variations tend to dirty faster than dark-colored ones, while others noted that the accessory’s material frayed sooner than they expected. One reviewer wrote: “Fabric frayed and hardware tarnished within first few months.” I’ve had my pouch for a little less than a month and haven’t noticed any significant wear and tear yet, but it’s certainly something to be mindful of, given this product’s higher price tag. Because several reviews cited issues with discoloration on shades like the white opal and flush pink colorway, I also chose to order mine in the classic black and traverse gray tones. If you want to avoid dirtying your bag too quickly, I recommend opting for one of the darker shades.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Who Is the Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet Best For?

This wristlet is perfect for anyone who wants to cut back on their carrying capacity each day — without having to sacrifice on style in the process. The accessory has just enough space to hold the essentials, giving you the freedom to carry what you need and nothing more. Unlike traditional cardholders or clutches, it also has a durable design that’ll hold up regardless of the weather or circumstance. It’s the perfect embodiment of stylish functionality, and it’s a great alternative for those who are tired of lugging around large accessories to the gym, while traveling, or even just running errands.

Additional Details:

  • Lululemon’s Dual Pouch Wristlet is made from a durable, water-repellent fabric that’s designed for on-the-go wear.
  • Thanks to its hook design, the pouches are completely detachable, so you can customize the look and functionality of the accessory.
  • It comes in 10 different colorways, including black and traverse gray (my shades of choice), paradise green and vapor, raw linen and white opal, true navy and dark lavender, and washed mauve, among others.

Where Is the Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet Available to Shop?

This accessory is available to shop exclusively at Lululemon.



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