Margot Robbie Elevated Her Jeans With Pointed-Toe Boots

Heading out in L.A. this week, Margot Robbie elevated a casual outfit through the use of some clever styling tricks. Rather than the ultra-sweet, Barbie-inspired red carpet looks we’ve seen of late, it was refreshing to clock Robbie in a look we could all easily copy. Opting for one of her wardrobe staples, she gravitated towards wide-leg puddle jeans for the base of her look. The causal foundation was then layered up with some striking accessories, creating a powerful silhouette that perfectly toed the line between smart and casual. 

Neatening up her baggy jeans, Robbie reached for a black oversized blazer with strong shoulders. The blazer’s sharp shoulder pads were mirrored by Robbie’s choice of footwear; forgoing casual trainers or rounded-toe flats, she instead selected black pointed-toe boots to complete her chic get-up. Ultra-wide denim isn’t always the easiest for shoe pairings, but the angular lines of this blazer and heels combo balance out the laid-back nature of the jeans. It’s a comfortable but pulled-together ensemble that any fashion editor would commend her for.

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