Our Editors Just Tried on 6 Best-Selling Sports Bras

In my experience, the search for the perfect sports bra is akin to the search for the perfect pair of jeans. It takes many changing room visits, several close calls with shoulder dislocation when trying to get them on and off, and for many of us, a battle with our self-esteem as we examine our tightly squeezed boobs to see if they’re likely to stay in place. It’s basically a workout before you’ve even worked out. We feel lucky and relieved if we eventually manage to find one that ticks the boxes.

My personal experience of finding suitable sports bras has been nothing short of arduous. Measuring at a 34FF, finding a sports bra that fits well at the band and across the bust has felt impossible at times. After a particularly long bout of no luck, I’ve taken it upon myself to Track down the very best styles out there. And, because every body is different, I wanted to get a second perspective. So, my colleague Georgia and I (she’s around a 34D) hit the shops to try on some of the best sports bras on the market for ourselves.

We wanted to try a range of options in different styles, for different activities and at varying price points. Read on to find out how we got on and for our sports bra recommendations. 

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