Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra Review With Photos

Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra Review With Photos

Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra Review With Photos

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You’ve probably already caught “The Kardashians” clip of Scott Disick recognizing Kim Kardashian’s Skims nipple bra on Khloé and immediately inquiring, “Do you have the new nipple bra on?” “Of course,” Khloé replies. “These are Kim’s nipples on my body.” Naturally, I adopted that very same phrase when I headed out the door with my partner for brunch wearing the one and only Skims Ultimate Nipple Push-Up Bra ($64) in Clay. “These are Kim Kardashian’s nipples on my body!” I shouted with glee as I stood on the sidewalk requesting a Lyft.

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I should preface the rest of this review by explaining that I’m not a bra person. I have a small bust (30B/32A) and I tend to let my chest breathe most of the time, or employ boob tape and covers when necessary (i.e. when my shirt is see-through). For that reason, wearing a padded push-up bra equipped with built-in raised nipples was a full-blown experience for me. I chose a fitted white T-shirt to achieve optimal effect of this innovative look, styling it with a slip skirt and white sneakers to keep my outfit minimal.

Not only was I trying on the nipple bra for comfortability and quality, I was quizzically observing passersby — specifically those I came in contact with — to determine whether they caught wind of my Kardashian nipples on full display.

Ahead, check out my thorough review of the bra (which I own in both Clay and Onyx), and read directly quoted feedback from my boyfriend, which I simply had to seek upon reading customer reviews such as, “My husband cannot look into my eyes when I’m wearing this bra” and “My husband asked me if I got a boob job overnight.”

About the Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra

  • The bra is modeled after Skims co-founder Kim Kardashian’s own bust, which she confirmed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”
  • The material is 84 percent nylon, 16 percent spandex and feels like super-soft microfiber with a sheen against your skin.
  • It’s available in Skims’s popular neutral colorways including Sand, Clay, Sienna, Bronze, Jasper, Cocoa, and Onyx.
  • The band size range is 30-44 and the cup size range is A-F.
  • The lightweight foam pads, which classify the bra as a push-up, are tapered for natural-looking lift and support, according to the site.
  • The design is equipped with smoothing wings on the side and hidden underwire with a soft casing.
  • The straps are adjustable and there’s a hook and eye closure at the back.
  • The bra should be hand washed and should not be placed in the dryer or dry cleaned.

What I Like About the Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra

This bra, which has over 200 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, is first and foremost an original. There aren’t many other models like it on the market, and it absolutely serves its purpose. Although I mentioned I’m not much of a bra-wearer, I’ve worn a push-up bra or two in my day and can confirm this design absolutely lifts my bust and rounds out the shape of my breasts with extra padding. The nipples are also easy to discern under clothing (yes, even if you’re wearing black or dark tops). Fit-wise, the bra runs true to size. (Note: The site suggests sizing up if you’re in-between band widths after taking your measurements.)

As Kardashian mentioned during her “Kimmel” segment, many breast cancer survivors have expressed appreciation for the bra as an option for women who have undergone mastectomies and may have not been able to keep their nipples. In my opinion, a product that helps women feel more confident in any way is an obvious win. If a perky bust is what you’re after, the Skims Nipple Bra more than meets expectations.

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Is the Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra Comfortable?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m most comfortable going braless. But I would compare the comfortability of the Skims Nipple Bra to any other push-up bra I’ve worn in the past (my other go-to for years has been the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Bombshell). That being said, it’s important to note that in order for the nipples to appear prominent through layers, the foam pads in each cup must be highly structured, so you’re going to feel less of a forgiving cushion and more of a thick and firm filling. Skims also recommends going up a band size if you’re worried about digging or pinching at the sides — and while I didn’t experience either, I would describe the fit in this area to be “extra-snug,” which is a smidge above “snug” but not quite “tight” in my book.

Does the Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra Look Natural?

This is where opinions become particularly subjective. Let’s start with my personal stance: when I look at myself in the mirror while wearing the Skims Nipple Bra, I do not feel like my bust looks natural. As a braless advocate, my nipples have gotten hard before where I’ve been able to make them out through my shirt, and my own pair aren’t nearly as perky as the Kardashian set. That being said, from afar, I do think the bra provides a realistic illusion. While going about my day, I believe I witnessed a handful of prolonged stares at my chest, but then again, I am one paranoid individual. If these viewers were scoping out the area, I’m inclined to think they were more curious about the bra itself while equally aware that I was not experiencing a chill on a sweltering hot, 85-degree day while sipping my Aperol spritz.

While going about my day, I believe I witnessed a handful of prolonged stares at my chest, but then again, I am one paranoid individual.

My boyfriend’s take? After spending a full 24-hours with me, myself, and Kardashian’s nipples, he declared: “The nipples are not round enough and they seem to be misplaced.” (We tried to fix this by adjusting the straps, but he ultimately felt like the placement of the nipples was not proportional to the would-be cleavage area on my shirt.) “Also, no two nipples are alike, just like no two fingerprints are alike,” he continued, “So the fact that both nipples look the same raises alarms as to the authenticity of the bra.” Given his career in tech and his interest in the development of products, he also suggested that he would like to see some sort of dynamic model, where the nipples can be adjusted to both hard and soft settings to mimic the natural body.

All of this being said, if the lifelike quality of the bra is preventing you from purchasing it, Kardashian did tease that the brand is working on a “softer” version during her “Kimmel” appearance.

What to Consider Before Buying the Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra

Skims allows for 30-day free returns for store credit (see the store locator list if you prefer to shop in person). However, the brand’s policy also states that for a refund back to the original payment method (if you purchased the bra online), a $6 return shipping fee will apply. For that reason, I highly recommend seeking a location that has the bra in stock to try it on before purchasing it. If you do decide you want to return the bra, it must be unworn, unwashed, and in the original condition with all tags — so be careful during your try-on process. Finally, don’t forget to go up a band size if you’re in-between sizes and hate the feeling of restriction around your abs, chest, and bust line.

Where You Can Buy the Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra

The Skims Ultimate Nipple Push-Up Bra is available at


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