The Burgundy Accessories Trend Makes Every Outfit Look Chic

Every year when we move into January and the depths of winter, there are a few rituals I like to incorporate into my day-to-day life to make the darkest month feel a little brighter. In terms of routine, this often looks like a candle-lit dinner or a sunrise walk, and if we’re talking fashion, you’ll find me swapping out my cotton clothing for pieces in luxurious cashmere, rich velvet and supple silk, as these fabrics not only feel comforting on the skin but help me to feel like the best version of myself when it might not be as easy.

When shopping for clothing that I can count on during winter, I’m not only looking out for hard-working fabrics but also for a colour palette that works well with the new-season mood. Whilst I was fond of the vibrant red colour trend during peak summer 2023, now that we’ve moved into a new year, I’m finding myself more drawn to its chicer older sister—deep burgundy. Adored by the fashion set for its outfit-elevating capabilities, the rich-looking shade is on the rise this winter in the form of top-handle bags, shiny shoes and sleek leather goods everywhere I look.

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