The Leopard-Print Shoe Trend is Unexpected but Fabulous

You heard it here first: all of a sudden, fashion crowds are awash with feline footwear. Whilst we’ve seen our fair share of shoe trends captivate the style set in recent months, this new-season trend is gaining more and more fans by the minute. Ushered in by the evolving preference for the dramatic, and the emerging “Mob Wife” aesthetic—all faux fur and statement jewellery—, leopard-print-everything is back as a fashion favourite.

Whilst I’m tempted by a classic leopard print coat, for those hoping to dip their toe into the trend (literally), then a leopard print shoe is the perfect place to start. Unexpectedly surging in Google searches and styling well with a neutral outfit such as jeans and a T-shirt, or an all-black ensemble, the leopard-print shoe trend is the perfect way to add a dash of print without overwhelming your look

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