The New Regina George Outfits Are Good, Actually

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Give Reneé Rapp’s costumes some respect. That’s just like, the rules of feminism.

“It’s giving Shein!” the internet shrieked in collective horror upon first seeing the fashion from the Mean Girls adaptation back in November. Starring Reneé Rapp as Regina George, the 2024 film is based on both the Broadway musical and the 2004 classic. And since it has entered the zeitgeist, fans have had lots to say about outfits, specifically when it comes to Regina George.

regina george outfits
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One viral still in particular showed Rapp in a pair of high-waisted baggy pink pants and a sheer tie-dye corset top. It’s a stark departure from Rachel McAdams’s Regina George, who charmed and terrified the world with her low-slung miniskirts and skimpy baby tees.

regina george outfits
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Before even seeing the film, many declared that this is not Regina George. The internet’s consensus, to put it simply, was that the original queen bee would never approve of Reneé Rapp’s outfits. But I’d argue the opposite.

Because I care, I went to see this reimagination on opening night. And listen, I’m not here to say the movie is perfect. It’s not. As this Vulture review put it, the film’s main purpose is to “remind you that the original Mean Girls is fun.” It doesn’t exactly stand on its own, but it does usher in a new — dare I say iconic — era for Regina George. And that includes the outfits.

For starters, in this remake, the leader of North Shore High is gay. Reneé Rapp, who is queer herself, has been outspoken about her refreshed take on the infamous Mean Girl.

regina george outfits
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She delivers the “Get in loser!” line with unmistakably flirtatious undertones. More explicitly, she playfully shouts “Can a gay girl get an amen?” in “It’s Not My Fault,” an original track for the movie. All things considered, of course her style should shift.

It’s long been suspected that the OG Regina George is secretly gay. Theories cite to her obvious disinterest in boyfriend Aaron Samuels and her fixation on Janis Ian’s sexuality. Some have also pointed to her resolution in the final act, when she seems nicer and happier than ever after joining the Lacrosse team. (A nod at the historically queer-friendly environment of women’s sports, perchance?) With her take, Reneé Rapp simply confirms all of this.

McAdam’s Regina is subtly vicious, with a style that is deceivingly soft, girly and chock-full of pastel2. In contrast, the “out” Regina George has an overall darker colour palette, she prefers pants, and this time, her meanness doesn’t hinge on the same hyper-femininity. She’s different, and so is her wardrobe.

Alongside the criticisms of her clothes, some have said she’s not scary enough. But she’s mean I tell you, mean! Mastering the art of high school bully intimidation in both a speaking voice and powerful ballad belt? That’s skill.

Not to mention, much of the backlash pertaining to the Regina George outfits was that they were “unflattering.” But it’s worth interrogating where that idea comes from, and why it’s most often said about women who are not a size zero.

While the new wardrobe might not strike die-hard fans as true to the OG Regina, it is true to this one. It’s no secret that Reneé Rapp is not a fan of skirts. So why would that make up the majority of her on-screen wardrobe? Isn’t the true key to Regina’s reign the fact that she feels good in what she wears?

regina george outfits
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This brings us to the fast-fashion accusations of it all. Watching Reneé Rapp command every scene, I felt her costumes looked right. From the button-down leather jacket to the elaborately feather-adorned Halloween dress, her ensembles weren’t serving Y2K designer, but she looked comfortable and confident.

Costume designer Tom Broecker told Elle that he in fact did source from labels like Miu Miu, The North Face, Converse, and The Frankie Shop. To those upset that she wasn’t adorned in all high-end labels, let us remember that this is not Euphoria. Regina is a popular girl at a regular high school, and her trendy-of-the-moment ‘fits make her performance more realistic. After all, even the original Regina George reportedly donned a designer dupe.

Unlike the original Regina (whom I adore), this iteration isn’t supposed to be ultra-girly. Some of her clothes are homages to the original (like the boatneck sweater she wears when hit by a bus), and some of them are entirely new.

Take her half-chain, half-pearl “R” necklace, which re-conceptualizes the dainty monogrammed accessory worn by McAdams in the original. In contrast, this hardened, chunkier version is meant to evoke a sense of androgyny, bringing in both masculine and feminine visuals.

We should all feel empowered to experiment with gender expression when it comes to getting dressed. Why can’t Regina George do it too?

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