This Is How to Style a Mini Kilt and Make It Look Elegant

Saying that skirts are back for 2024 might sound like a weird statement to make because, well, they never really left. However, I think it’s fair to say that, for the past couple of years, trousers have dominated the fashion space and the wardrobes of influential dressers. As a consequence, skirts have taken a bit of a backseat. However, fast forward to 2024 and the spring/summer runways shifted the focus back onto skirts—according to fashion data analysts at Tagwalk, there were 18% more skirt looks than the previous spring/summer season. As such, we’re starting to see the effects of this. Searches for skirts have been spiking on Google since the start of the year, with pencils and pleated midis being just some of the trends we’ve seen come through. As we edge ever closer to spring, hemlines have begun to rise with skirt going mini, and there’s one style I keep seeing over and over. 

Mini kilts might not sound like the most elegant trend of the season but, trust me, this long-beloved skirt is back.Whilst traditional kilts have been around for hundreds of years, they have ebbed and flowed in popularity for the past few decades. Mini iterations might have some tacky school-girl Halloween costume connotations to shake off too but, this season, the fashion set is doing a great job of reframing this skirt style, pairing it with classic pieces and current trends alike to give it a modern edge.

Styling well with everything from chunky knits and colour-pop polos to silk shirts and sleek wool jackets, the mini kilt trend is surprising versatile—admittedly more so than I thought. So, to take this wardrobe staple firmly into the new season with you, read on to discover how to style a mini kilt in an elegant and fresh fashion for 2024. 

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