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While some call it superstition, the color of your underwear on Valentine’s Day can at least usher in the type of romantic luck you hope to cultivate in the year ahead. Renowned fashion psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen, Professor at FIT, conducted a study on the power of red, surveying 115 people who were viewed differently based on their backgrounds and where on their body (or in their outfit) they wore the shade. While Dr. Karen didn’t incorporate underwear specifically, she found the effect of red to be astounding, significantly impacting how passersby interpret someone’s levels of promiscuity and attractiveness.

When asked about applying her findings to popular Valentine’s Day lingerie colors — including red, pink, black, and white — Dr. Karen calls it a twofold street. “Wearing your underwear as an individual can have the same effects generating self-love as it can generating outwards love towards another,” she tells POPSUGAR. Since choosing your bra, briefs, or bodysuit is a personal decision, we asked Dr. Karen to weigh in on the meaning behind all four hues so you can determine your mindset while selecting your underthings on Feb. 14, whether you wish to send a message to yourself or to a partner.

To put it simply, red is the most stimulating and seductive choice, pink is a reflection of kindness, black errs on the side of mystery, and white symbolizes purity in your relationships. But Dr. Karen breaks it down even further, unpacking the rationale behind carefully curating your intimates for the hallmark holiday. Ahead, we’ve applied her outlook to a shopping roundup of lingerie sets, arranged by color. Whether you’re seeking a sporty boy short and bralette combination, a delicate lace teddy, a strappy garter and tights, or a whimsical, floor-length nightgown, there’s sure to be a silhouette that speaks to both your intention and plans this Valentine’s Day.

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