“King On Screen” – The Documentary About Stephen King Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Stephen King’s influence on pop culture is incredible. Filmmakers from all generations have adapted his stories to the screen, making him the most adapted living author alive!

In this documentary, “King On Screen,” we meet the directors who adapted his books to give a never seen before glimpse on the Stephen King Universe!
Carrie, Christine, It, The Shining, The Green Mile, Misery, The Shawshank Redemption, Stand by Me…

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Over the years, more than 80 cinematographic adaptations have been released by more than 50 directors who made us vibrate, tremble, and even cry.

In this 90-minute documentary, directors who adapted Stephen King stories will discuss why Stephen King is not only the King of Horror, but the Master of Character psychology, and way more than that.

The purpose of the film? Seeking out stories and unique points of view to make an exciting tribute to Stephen King, to his deep knowledge of the human psychology through the characters he created, and to his mastery of narrative and suspense, which has kept us on the edge of our seats for more than 45 years !


At the beginning of the film, like we started to do it, in the trailer, an ambitious fictional introduction with dozens of references and easter eggs, that will be shot in Maine !
That is the very reason we have launched this Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign : to finance this amazing introduction, which will be a true homage to King’s work, and an introduction to his universe.
Our goal is to dive into his world and dig deep, in every novel, every short story, to make the whole sequence full of references, even to the less known books he wrote.
Just watch the trailer and see what we want to achieve ! Do you want to be part of the adventure ? Choose your perk and come into the KoS Adventure !
All of the money we raise will be dedicated to the production of this intro, 5 days of shooting in Maine, VFX, Guest stars, all of it can be done with your participation !

We already have an amazing cast of directors, and the process is still on. More and more directors are joining the project and we should have around 30 testimonies !

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