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An entrepreneur, musician, producer, original influencer, and master of his own destiny, BJ Klock is one of the true multi-faceted geniuses of our times. As the CEO of Advisight, Klock is an anomaly in the world of market research, elevating celebrity Influencers , technology experts, major pressing and TV contributors, CEO professionals, data scientists, and the most influential people on the planet, to the highest possible realms.

As a musician, Klock has created some of the most exhilarating, wild and fiery compositions including, “Seven”, “Reflections”, and “Miracles.” Together his videos and songs evoke a multi-chromatic burst of dazzling insanity splashed on top of a once empty canvas now sparkling with a life of its own. His music has spawned a new and decadent soundscape both adventurous and dynamic.

Insistent upon learning more about BJ Klock we shared some intimate questions and answers regarding his careers……..

What is Advisight and what inspired you to create the company?

I solved a unique problem for myself. Starting off, I needed to make a business successful and in order to do so, I needed people to take me serious. I built a large engaged audience for myself which gave me a lot of social influence and credibility, as well as a lot leverage because of all the people viewing my content. I saw how building social influence massively effected my life and allowed me to go from being a nobody to a successful business person. Building influence on my brand helped create the idea that if I did it for myself, I would certainly be able to do it for successful business people to become even more successful. That’s how Advisight was created. One thing lead to another, I started helping people build large engaged audiences. I captured the attention of a very successful person in Hollywood who wanted to become a star and wanted to meet me. I flew to LA on a 3-day business trip and did not get on my return flight. I decided to stay and build my media empire. I then started working with many very successful and powerful people in Hollywood helping them build large online networks around their missions and message .

Everyone knows the need for social media and why it is more important than ever right now, but what do you see in the near future for it? And P.S. what is an algorithm for those who aren’t sure?

I see social media becoming more integrated into our lives and the major social media’s being a foundation essentially, an online identity that can be built upon with other social media 2.0s that have different features and capabilities, possibly even on the blockchain but would integrate with the original profiles that the majority of people have come to use.

Algorithms have many different uses depending on the practice. Essentially algorithms are a set of rules that machines can follow. These set of rules goals are to mimic human behavior. Understanding these algorithms and how machines process information and determine what is “good” and what is “bad” is the key to getting a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

You are also a musician as well as a genius, tell us about that aspect of your career? Where can your fans hear your music?

I love music. It’s always been a passion of mine and when I make music I truly feel relaxed and at peace. Music really gives me peace of mind. I use music as a tool to bring people joy, inspiration and positive vibrations. I have a passion for music and marketing, and I’ve come to realize music is the best marketing piece on planet earth. I enjoy bringing joy to people and giving them
something to ease their mind and keep them
focused or relaxed after or during a hard day. At the same time, while I’m bringing them joy through my tunes, they are subconsciously feeling good about my brand as I make them feel good, which is a great thing. They feel good, I feel good, everybody wins. I love what music does for the world when it is used properly. I do believe people use music to manipulate rather than free. I like to use it to free the soul rather than what I’ve seen a lot of mainstream music now a days attempts to trap the soul.

What moment changed the trajectory of your life….or are you still awaiting that moment?

I’m constantly evolving, but I guess the moment that changed my life was when I finally felt like I had become a success. That brought with it a whole bunch of crazy feelings. Like what to do now? I can produce money like a faucet, what do I do now? I realized life isn’t about accumulating things and money, it’s about providing a valuable service and serving people. I really get most the joy out of helping amazing people see their dream come to fruition. The dollars are just a bonus. Like one of my mentors Jim Rohn used to say, I take the money, but I don’t need the money. I’m in it for the happy phone calls and texts I get from clients when their content and brand is going super viral and their making more money than they ever knew was possible. That brings me the greatest joy to see the light bulb go off in someone else and see them inspired to take action on their dreams. I love that. That’s what I live for. I consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth. I get to wake up every day and do exactly what I want. What I want to do is help people create their dream lives, I do that by helping amazing people share their stories and get them to the masses and help the masses realize their potential via our clients and my personal brand.

If you could help me ask you any question on the planet what would it be and how would you answer it?

I’d say…What’s my secret to success?
My answer would be that my secret is having faith that what I believe I will do, I will do. I set out with a definite aim and had faith that it would come true even when it looked like it was completely insane and would never happen. I believed I would have a seat at the table and help some of the most influential and successful people in the world, and that’s what’s happened. I give all the credit and glory to God. Throughout this journey there’s been many high highs and many low lows and what has seen me through is my faith. If I sow the seed, the tree will grow. I don’t have to worry about how, I leave that to God, I just focus on sowing good seed and I know I will get a good crop.

Who in your life has been most influential to you and in what aspect?

I’d have to say my parents, I love them dearly. They always worked really hard and showed me from a young age that sales and business would afford me more freedom than a regular wage labor profession. My dad and mom have always been very supportive and even though they certainly have wanted to protect me from any pain as any parent would naturally want to do, they have always let me make my own mistakes and become my own man. I really appreciate their guidance and support. My family has given me a foundation that unfortunately I don’t think many people have had that luxury in life. I believe if I had any advantages in life it’s been a loving supportive amazing family, I’ve been truly blessed.

Who would benefit mostly from your expertise?

Anyone who wants to build a successful brand. A person who wants to not only be able to influence people but also be able to do it on their own terms. People who want to be independent and not have to rely on others. Anyone who is seeking freedom in whatever way that means to them, my expertise will benefit massively.

How did you become interested in social media growing….and in music?

I come from a place where the people are generally awesome people with a lot of culture, but their super skeptical and big time crabs in a bucket. In order to get the crabs to work together I had to build influence. I started off hating social media as a kid, but I saw it as a tool to build influence to reach the masses and get my message out to people and be heard.

I really just wanted to help people, and in order to do so I needed them to see me and take me seriously. I utilized social media as a tool to do that that. It allowed me to build the authority I needed to influence people in a positive manner that would dramatically impact their lives. It’s been amazing seeing all my early followers now creating a lot of success for themselves by just implementing the principles I have taught along my journey. Its so nice to give back and to be able to help people, but in order to help people they need to be able to see you and see you as an authority. Social media allowed me to do that. And that is why it’s my passion to help others do the very same thing. There’s a lot of successful amazing people with stories that need to be heard, but no one takes them serious because they have no social influence and authority. I get so much joy out of helping them create these huge networks that let them speak directly to people and build their authority on their own terms so they can help the people who need it the most.

Music was originally what I started doing with my friends from my neighborhood back in East Hartford, Connecticut. We saw it as our way out of the “hood”. After blowing a lot of money into music while working jobs, I realize I needed to build a successful business. This business led me to creating a media empire which has lead me right back to music, my original passion and love. I remember being 8-10 years old recording my music, playing an instrumental off a boom box and recording it on a tape player while I rapped over it, and then I remember when computers first came out when I was like 11-12, and I put my first song on a cd and glued a piece of paper on the top of the cd to make it unique with a title and everything, lol. My friends and I showed a lot of ingenuity, we didn’t start with much, but where there is a will there is a way. I look back on it and can’t believe I was doing music from that young of an age, my parents must of thought I was some kinda crazy mad scientist recording my songs, lol.

Are you currently working on any new projects either musically or otherwise?

I’m always working on new projects. I’ve been releasing a song every week or two as well as I’m filming my show “Time with Klock” weekly. I make music and my show for fun and to help inspire and guide people. Advisight is my passion project and allows for us to truly impact the world in a positive meaningful way. Not only does it afford me the opportunity to influence the masses, Advisight has allowed all our members to influence the world in a massively positive way. It really excites me that I’m only 30 and I can see over the next 20 years we are going to have a positive global impact that few in history have ever had the opportunity to witness.

Any closing thoughts?

I want to say thank you to all my supporters, I truly love all of you and you’re the ones who keep me going every day.

I would like us to leave on this thought, let’s always remember to always learn, practice & teach because it is what builds the foundation for a productive and free nation.

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