Mega-Hit Indie Family Film “Quigley” Now Available In Spanish and English on TUBI TV

“Quigley,” the mega-hit indie film released in 2003 is streaming on TUBI TV in Spanish and English. “Quigley” is a hysterical adventure of madcap family entertainment, written, produced and directed by William Byron Hillman. “Quigley” was named on the list of the Top 20 Family Films of all time.

“Quigley” stars Golden Globe/Academy Award nominee Gary Busey (The Buddy Holly Story, Point Break, The Player, Lethal Weapon), Oz Perkins (Legally Blonde, Not Another Teen Movie), Curtis Armstrong (Risky Business, Revenge of the Nerds, Better Off Dead), and Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon, Listen To Me, Dallas).

“Quigley’ is a fun-filled family adventure about second chances. Archie (Gary Busey) is a billionaire who has everything one could imagine except for what is most important…a heart and a conscience. On the brink of making an announcement that would forever change the lives of his employees, Archie experiences a tragic accident that takes him to the gates of heaven. It is decided that he should be sent back to earth, in the form of an adorable Pomeranian, a creature he despises even more than people. Along with his guardian angel, Archie is sent on a heavenly mission to help the lives of those around him, while at the same time saving his own. “Quigley” takes you back to a time of wholesome family entertainment that will be enjoyed by all ages.

Writer/Director William Byron Hillman has worked with major stars like Gary Busey, Rock Hudson, Tony Curtis and Shelley Long as well as with most film studios and television networks. His passion is children and animals. While he’s written genres from comedies to thrillers, his passion is hearing kids laugh. Three of his most successful films are: “The Man From Clover Grove”, “The Adventures of Ragtime” and “Quigley”. Bill has befriended many stunt performers and loves working with them to design action stunts that entertain kids of all ages. He believes one of the greatest sounds in the world is laughter and strives to develop scenes that lead to prosperity. While many of his films enjoyed success, when he wrote Quigley it opened a unique definition for amusement and enthusiasm. Bill is an avid Pomeranian lover and has joined Pom Groups in every part of the world. As the writer, producer and director of the motion picture Quigley, the character instantly conceived an international dog hero. The film, translated into many languages, has delighted audiences and Pom owners all over the planet.

Rumors in the entertainment grapevine and on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) are reporting that due to the overwhelming success of “Quigley,” William Byron Hillman has written and is in pre-production for the highly anticipated sequel “Quigley 2” with an all-star cast of your favorite actors.

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