Are Rowing Machines the Most Effective Workout for Home?

Rowing machines use over 85% of body muscles and strengthen them, increasing their endurance. Rowing also enhances muscle tone and also improves heart and lung health. From the regular reviews and information from Infomotion Sports, one can learn a few tips on rowing and the health benefits. Below are some of the benefits of regular rowing exercises.

One should learn how to row appropriately to avoid bad posture that leads to muscle strain or injuries. One should also avoid overexerting themselves during exercises. One should also choose the right rowing machines to reap the health benefits.

 Rowing machine workouts are useful for a home gym because they provide an overall body workout. They are also easy to exercise, with minimal need for training from the experts that make it appropriate for all users. 

 Benefits of rowing machines workout

1.    Provides comprehensive body workout 

 Rowing targets the upper back, oblique, and arms. It is also known to strengthen the quadriceps, legs, and calves.

2.    An alternative to elliptical or treadmill

 Apart from rowing machines being more affordable, they also occupy less space at home. Unlike treadmills, they are also a full body work out machine ideal for a home gym. They also do not produce much noise during workout sessions, especially if you share a condo or for people living in apartments.

3.    Strengthens the cardiovascular system

 Cardio exercises help to strengthen the heart. Rowing offers that benefit since it is an intense cardio workout. One should purposefully do it regularly.

4.    Low impact exercise with a high rate of calories burnout

 Rowing helps to enhance joint health since it impacts low pressure on the joints. It could offer relief to people with mild arthritis since one can control the pace and movement depending on the level of discomfort.

5.    Any person at any fitness level can do the exercise

 Rowing is an effective and appropriate work out exercise for all family members to achieve significant fat loss, low cholesterol levels, and an increase in back strength.

 What to consider when choosing a rowing machine

  • Size and ease of storage
  • Features. One should consider the seat comfort, foot straps adjustability, dashboard stats, smart features such as wi-fi connection. It is also good to watch out for resistance options and add-ons or any other smart features.
  • Noise level
  • Level of maintenance

Considering the above factors makes it easy to choose the right rowing machine for effective workouts at home. There are various brands available in the market. Through reviews and research, you can identify the best.

 Best rowing machines for home gym

·         Proform rower

 The main features are the eight resistance levels and large health metrics display. Though it has no built-in smarts, it is affordable and easy to use. For strength-based workouts, the rower has easy to adjust handlebars. Another advantage is that it uses batteries hence applicable in outdoor spaces where there is no power. the unique features 

·         Hydrow rower

 The Hydrow rower has advanced features that include Bluetooth to sync the health metrics with a fitness tracker. That feature is beneficial to people who are curious about their workout progress. Another unique feature is the ability to access live classes from professional instructors. That way, one can take advantage of the latest rowing skills and techniques. One may also access yoga and other workouts to complement rowing to make it an effective home workout gym equipment.

·         Ergatta rower

 The unique feature regarding this working machine is that it provides users with custom made fitness challenges. That depends on one’s fitness profile. You can also get workout programs based on your fitness goal. Among the smart rowing machines, it is more costly, but they offer a free trial to give users a chance to try the rowing machine and see if it suits their needs.

·         Echelon rowing machine

The main advantage of this rowing machine is that users have access to a subscription for a month. That enables them to learn more about rowing workouts, yoga, and Pilates. With its built-in wheels, it’s foldable hence easy to store. The resistance levels are set up to 32 and are easy to adjust through the handlebars. More importantly, the Echelon screen can flip to a high degree to help integrate your floor exercise routine too.

 Reviews on workout machines first before buying will help you choose the best. Other considerations to make are the budget, existing space for storage though most models are foldable and easy to store, and your workout preferences.

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