Christopher Sluka – American Musician/Modern Day Renaissance Man Behind The Incredible Band Sluka

Christopher Sluka is an American Musician referred to as a “Modern Day Renaissance Man” by Vancouver Weekly, best known for his band Sluka who has recently recently his eleventh studio album “Colorful Radiation” to critical acclaim.

Christopher Sluka first rose to prominence in New York City in the 1980s playing alongside bands like Tears For Fears and Simple Minds. In 1989 he put out his first full length album, the Meldac released “Emotional Battlefield.” Despite hailing from the United States (but being raised an army brat) he saw the most success in Japan and Italy. This led to a variety of television and radio appearances. Among these most notable was a performance and interview on the Japanese network Television Kanagawa on March 12, 1990. Also notable was his Corragio Di Vivere performance on Italy’s Rai 2 and a San Diego KUSI-TV broadcast of two songs and an interview. In the following years he released another record, 1990’s “Fear Of Ordinary Life,” also on Meldac and then 1993’s self titled record on Time Warner’s Italian subsidiary CDG Wave.

Since then, Sluka has been prolific putting out eight albums in the ten years between 1997 and 2017. Most recently, on November 25, 2017, his song “Number One” from the album “Colorful Radiation” reached the #13 position on the global Rock Chart as reported by Digital Radio Tracking (DRT), Cashbox Magazine, and Record World Magazine.

Check out the video for first single Number One from “Colorful Radiation” by Sluka here:

Sluka has received critical acclaim throughout his career – though early on much of it was in languages other than English. In recent years though, in the USA and the United Kingdom, he has been called “Ambitious”, “Prophetic”, and his album “Introversions” declared a “Masterpiece” by The Huffington Post.

Scott Alexander of Abort Magazine states “Sluka is what Sluka is. And those who appreciate genius will appreciate his.”

According to On Stage Magazine, “Colorful Radiation” is slightly experimental with a heavy dose of the dramatic thrown in. His music is very much his own even if it’s a little hard to define. It generally takes more than a quick listen to appreciate, so take a little time when you do.” And All Access Music states, “To categorize SLUKA’s music as “Rock” is an oversimplification. The often lush, ethereal sounds are a juxtaposition of elements found in classical, pop, gothic, progressive and alternative rock, which has resulted in a very difficult-to-define genre all its own… “Enigmatic rock,” perhaps…?”

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