#Interview: Comedian Ike Avelli @Ike_Avelli by Eileen Shapiro

Flamboyantly fabulous Ike Avelli is at it again, making the world laugh just in time for the holidays. The captivating comic is set to make the holiday season joyous with his show, “You’re A Mean One, Ike Avelli”, set to showcase at the Triad Theater on Saturday December 2. If you find you can’t wait for then, you can catch him in Asbury Park this weekend for this year’s grande finale of 50 Shades of Gay at “Georgie’s”.

All performances aside, just to meet and speak with Ike is an honor. Truly one of the kindest entertainers that I know thus far, who is actually innately funny, wherever you can find him, make your best attempt! I guarantee your laughter will not be fake.
You have a lot coming up during the fall and holiday seasons, give us a hint and of course a sneak preview.

I am actually performing one last time for this year, “50 Shades of Gay” at Georgie’s in Asbury Park NJ Saturday October 14th! But no fear, it will be coming to different cities in 2018! I am also bringing my hit show “You’re A Mean One, Ike Avelli” to The Triad Theatre Saturday December 2nd. The show will be an ADULT HOLIDAY VARIETY SHOW where I will be dressing in different costumes from Classic Holiday Movies/Cartoons! My guests for this show are Tym Moss, Zola Powell, Richmond Chandler and Opening Act Tj Garafolo! TIX: http://www.triadnyc.com/event/7f384e4b2fe79199908bf7948b6c60b8

I heard a rumor that you might be going to Atlantic City, is the substance to that rumor in yet?

The rumor is out there, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Hopefully I can share some news by the holidays/early 2018!!

Have you been working on anything new lately?

It has always been my goal to have at least one new ORIGINAL show a year since I started Writing/Producing my own events in 2013. That and traveling with my other productions throughout the year. Next year, I am working on 2 NEW Shows that will of course include campy costumes/wigs and lots of audience participation. Stay Tuned!

Do you really love Ricky Martin?

There are no words the love I have for this man, even if he does have a restraining order on me! He is the ultimate man.. smart, talented, compassionate and an amazing father. Do you know him? Can you get my foot in his door? HELP ME…PLEASE!

How many shows have you created again, and what are their names, and do you have a favorite one to perform?

Since 2013, I’ve created 7 original shows

I’ve Slept My Way To The Top….Twice (2013)
Ike Avelli Is Coming To Town (2014)
50 Shades of Gay (2015)
Love On A DEAD END Street (2016)
I Thought I Would Be Dead By Now (2016)
You’re A Mean One, Ike Avelli (2016)
The Book Of Ike (2017)

I would say, my favorite to perform right now, is “50 Shades of Gay”! It has brought me quite a bit of happiness. The night before it debuted during PRIDE weekend, Marriage Equality passed. The night it premiered, the crowd was ready to celebrate, and has been since, as we have been performing it in many different cities. We just finished 4 SOLD OUT nights in September at the Rochester Fringe Festival in Rochester, NY. I have to say, that is more rewarding than any award out there!

If you could perform with anyone in the world, except Joan because she dead, who would it be?

If I could perform with anyone, it would have to be Nick Jonas in an adult film. A girl can dream right? But seriously, Sandra Bernhard! I remember watching her perform “Nightingale” in her brilliant one woman show “I’m Still Here, Damn It”. and I was blown away. I believe we would put something epic together!

Who thinks up these jokes?

I think up every single joke, why steal other artists material? You have to be creative on your own, or you just become lazy. I even re-write classic/current Pop songs and make them funny.  Every once in awhile my mom will say something hysterical, and I will put my touch to it, but the majority of my jokes are based on my personal experiences with dating, my age, or just relevant topics.

Is it hard to laugh at someone else’s comedy after creating your own? 

If they aren’t funny….then yes it is very hard to laugh. I fake laugh really bad!  I love watching other comics up on stage, especially ones that inspire me.

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