IronE Singleton To Guest On The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell Wednesday October 25th, 2017

IronE Singleton will be a featured guest on The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell live radio/tv show hosted by King of Cool Jimmy Star along with Cool Man About Town Ron Russell to discuss his new show “Blindsided By The Walking Dead,’ his career and the entertainment industries at large. The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell is tv/radio’s coolest hit show, featuring the coolest in music, entertainment, fashion and pop culture, all from a fun industry insider perspective in a completely live, unedited fast-paced two-hour conversational format.

IronE Singleton is best known to audiences as the menacing kingpin Alton in the Academy Oscar Award-nominated film THE BLIND SIDE; the biggest box office grossing sports movie of all time. He is also known as the compassionate tough guy, T-Dog, in the Emmy, AFI & WGA Award-winning, Golden Globe-nominated tv show THE WALKING DEAD; one of basic cable’s highest rated shows for viewership. IronE’s unusual name depicts his life story, and his ability to play strong, multidimensional characters and has made him a memorable actor in both film and television.

“Blindsided By The Walking Dead” #BBTWD is a powerhouse of entertainment, empowerment and inspiration. The show is packed with 40% Comedy, 30% Drama, 20% Song & Dance and 10% Poetry/Spoken Word/Shakespeare. The runtime is 1hr 45mins during which time IronE Singleton plays more than 20 different characters ranging from all walks of life to tell his life story growing up destitute in the inner-city projects of Atlanta, GA through his college career and time on the football field at the University of Georgia. After taking his audience on a tour of his experience being cast in major productions such as The Blind Side and The Walking Dead, the production concludes with an explosive ending.

In summary, “Blindsided By The Walking Dead” is a show that makes you feel passionate about living, with a need to live on purpose with a sense of connection with all of humanity …all while making you hysterically laugh out loud. The production covers a spectrum of societal topics:

– Maintaining Healthy Relationships
– Social & Self-Awareness
– Leadership & Responsibility
– Adaptation to Cultural Differences
– Alternatives to Violence
– Drugs & Sexual Promiscuity
– AIDS Awareness and more

It is for anyone who has encountered tragedy, conflict, or loss…for anyone needing hope, inspiration, a fresh perspective or just wanting to laugh out loud and be well entertained. It is for young ladies, single ladies, single mothers, young men, fathers, athletes, scholars and aspiring actors. It is for those who love theatre, comedy, philosophy, poetry, dance, rap or just wanting to witness a man pull off a 1hr 45mins high-energy show all while interacting with himself on stage and bravely tearing down the fourth wall to interact with the crowd then jumping back into character and not missing a beat. It is for everyone that is misunderstood and crying out for opportunity and justice and for those wanting a glimpse into the psyche of a young man in America. It is for the betterment of humanity… a show that unites and promotes truth and love.

Check out the Kickstarter Campain for “Blindsided By The Walking Dead” Here:

The Jimmy Star Show is pleased to showcase the expertise and talent of IronE Singleton and all anticipate a fun and informative time talking with him about his career and the entertainment industries at large. Join King of Cool Jimmy Star, and Cool Man about Town Ron Russell as they have a playful and sometimes wild time with the talented featured guest!

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