#MusicNews Australian Pop/Rockers Slightly Left Of Centre New Release “Naked” Now Available Worldwide

Australian Pop/Rockers Slightly Left Of Centre have just released their Spectra Music Group/ Tabletop Records new single “Naked.” Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

In anticipation for their upcoming second album, Slightly Left Of Centre have just released thier new single “Naked,” along with a comical self-produced music video in a similar vein of their first single “Call Me For The Weekend”. “Naked” is an upbeat, electro-pop track that pulses from start to finish, with a very suggestive but playful nature within its lyrical content. Taking influences from bands such as Jamiroquai & Daft Punk, “Naked” will compel listeners to not only dance but almost guarantee to excite their sexuality.

Slightly Left of Centre’s last album sold in excess of 80,000 units globally, received 1 million streams and had over 150,000 downloads, paving the way for this highly anticipated single and video. The huge success of this album has created a global fan-base, eager to see what is next in store from this outfit.

The band was grateful to have the opportunity to work with Steven Slate, CEO of LA based Slate Digital, who co-produced “Naked” in conjunction with Michael Pace (Guitars) and Adam Spicer (Vocals/Keys) extensive studio production experience. Steven Slate is also a pioneer in audio hardware/software innovation for audio engineers worldwide and this relationship led to the track being showcased on an upcoming Audio Legends Mix Tutorial.

Slightly Left Of Centre’s new single “Naked” is now available worldwide and can be purchased on iTunes in the United States here:


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Check out the music video for “Naked” here:

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