Nick Lamb: “Gettin’ High Off You” by Eileen Shapiro

“There is something to be said for a good man, a simple man who just wants to fall in love, raise a family and take care of them”….the words of Nick Lamb

Recently released was a single by Nick Lamb entitles ” Gettin’ High Off You”, as well as another single called “Simple Man”. Nick sees the beauty and the passion of writing songs about simple things, like loving your partner, and finding the happiness in it. Nick will also be releasing his first album at the end of May titled “Rock N Roll’s My Road”.

Raised in poverty with an alcoholic father who also played and sang country music and rock ‘n’ roll. Nicks influences include classic rock of the 60s and 70s and sleaze middle of the mid 80s. He’s been quoted as saying: “Music is the soul’s interpretation of life’s moments”! I spoke with Nick regarding his new single and his life before meeting his wife, and found him a very interesting musical story.

What is the motivation for your song writing?

I would say basically emotion. Sometimes it could be one of several different things. It could be emotion, something you feel very strongly about, like love or anger. Things such as that. I don’t get into the political realm of writing but sometime you write a song because there was something else in the world that just doesn’t seem right to you. So I use Music to kind of get your point of you out there. It doesn’t have to be political it could just be something where you just want people to step into their shoes for a few minutes.

Your new release, “Gettin’ High Off You”, what is that about?

Well I grew up and my dad was an alcoholic. So kind of a right of passage of growing up in a small town and listening to rock ‘n’ roll, was to drink and party. I was so wrapped up into drinking and partying that all of a sudden I met someone who eventually became my wife. She showed me that there was so much more to life then just waking up and going and finding a few friends and drinking as many beers as possible. So I kind of grew up in a dysfunctional family. My mom was rock solid and my dad was anything but. I guess when I met her she just gave me a different perspective. I stopped being a guy who was into partying and I just sat around and became kind of a fly on the wall taking in different perspectives of life. I think my wife back then showed me that friendship and companionship mean so much more than being the life of the party.

Is she still your wife?


Who were your influences growing up?

The first band I got into was Def Leppard. When I was 13 years old my parents bought me this little one speaker cassette and two Def Leppard tapes. Started listening to them and then AC/DC was the next one. So they were the first rock bands that I listened to.

If you could perform on stage with anybody who would you choose?

Oh wow….. I would say Axl Rose.

Good choice. You do play live, correct?

Yeah. Now I’ve just done the studio work, and actually I’m trying to find musicians to build a band. I live in Southern California so once I get all of my studio work done I’m going to form a band and start playing Sunset Strip hopefully. I’ve been making contact with other people too and I’ve noticed that a lot of these bands from the 80s are making a comeback’s. I was trying to look into maybe opening up for one of them. They are older now, they are in the twilight, and they don’t tour is much but I hope to get in a position where I can tour a lot, and soak up the sun and do the California thing for a while.

Knowing what you know now, if you could give your younger self some advice what would you say?

That’s a good question. I would tell my younger self to relax a little. It’s not about getting from point A to point B. It’s more like just enjoying point A to point B.

Awesome answer…. if you could tell your fans or fans to be something about yourself what would you want them to know?

That I care. I care about this world. I care about the people in it. I have a saying that I used to say to people and I always thought it would be cool to put it in a book, ” i’ve worked some of the worst jobs you can think of in this world, but I met some of the best people working those jobs”. I really do care. When I write a song about true love it’s because I believe in true love. You’re not your car, you’re not your house, I have a song right now that I’m working on. I really love the lyrics, “You’re not your car, you’re not your house… you’re not you’re clothes, you’re somebody else. Your something so much more that they can put on a shelf”. I truly believe that. When I say something it comes from the heart. With that like somebody else, I sometimes can be mistaken. So sometimes if I’m being an asshole it’s probably just because I was in a bad mood. It means I wasn’t reacting well to the circumstances around probably at the time.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I really, really feel that Rock ‘n’ roll with the Internet is making a come back. I think that the powers that be sometimes in the music business, they only sell music to young people like 13 to 18. I think that I provide something for older people. Once you turn 28 or 29 and you have the big 30 staring at you … but there is so much more to life. I think the stuff that I write, it doesn’t mean that young people can’t listen to it, they can …..but I haven’t forgotten about the older people who love Rock ‘n’ roll. That’s who I write for.

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