Ricky Rebel’s “The New Alpha” Hits The Coveted Louder Than War Top 75 Albums Of The Year At #67

LGBTQ Pop/Dance artist Ricky Rebel lands at #67 in the coveted Louder Than War Top 75 Albums of 2017 with his latest album “The New Alpha”. Available worldwide, download your copy of “The New Alpha” and discover one of the best artists of the year!

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As the former lead singer of No Authority, the boyband known for touring with Britney Spears with their hit single “Can I Get Your Number,” Ricky Rebel has had amazing experiences as a singer/performer, dancing with Michael Jackson, and being signed to Madonna’s record label. On his way to being an Icon in the LGBTQ community, Rebel has performed at Pride Celebrations around the country and has just completed his first UK Tour as a solo artist in support of his recent release “The New Alpha”.

Here is what they had to say in Louder Than War about “The New Alpha” by Ricky Rebel:

LGBTQ pop/dance recording artist Ricky Rebel releases his “latest orgasmic musical masterpiece” (Eileen Shapiro) Shooting to fame as the lead singer of the Michael Jackson-discovered boy band No Authority (“Can I Get Your Number”), Rebel has toured with Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, 98 Degrees, Aaron Carter and Jessica Simpson.

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Check out the video for the first single on #TheNewAlpha “If You Were My Baby” by Ricky Rebel:

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