Sam Stevens “The James Bond of the Music World to Release: My Kind of Crazy”

On April 20th, British romantic pop sensation, Sam Stevens known as The James Bond of the Music World will be releasing his amazing, one of a kind, tantalizing new single, “My Kind of Crazy”.

Already creating a global buzz with his last single “Don’t Cry”, Stevens continues to amaze! The texture of his voice remains as a vibrant, piece of velvet, lavished and adorned with sparkling glitter. His meaningful and prolific lyrics add vision and romance to a world around us, often struggling with vacant pride. Listening to his audacious words and salacious melodies is like staring directly into the sunlight, effervescently bright, powerful and opulent.

I spoke with Sam regarding “My Kind of Crazy”, his inspirations, future projects and his remarkable sensibility on life in general ….Don’t miss Sam Stevens live and in person at Mau Mau in West London on April 30th at 7:30.

What was the inspiration for your new single My Kind of Crazy?

I think the main driver was in thinking about what makes life good. We all have the rollercoaster of great times and then crap to deal with, it’s just life, but if you think about it, what makes life fun , great, funny, memorable & in tough times bearable ? It’s not the buck everyone’s chasing , it’s our friends & family. Everyone has their own individual eclectic personality, especially us creatives, and so finding someone who you click with, someone who is ” My kind of Crazy” is invaluable. Interestingly my niece Sophie just had her 21st birthday and we all put a little video clip together for her. Mine was a little life lesson which said ” as you travel through life you’ll find people who are rich, powerful, good looking, influential etc etc … but If you can find and surround yourself with those you think ” yeah .. they’re My Kind of Crazy” then you’ll always be loved, have someone to love, laugh with & build memories & share stuff with and get the very best out of life. That’s ” My Kind of Crazy”.

Many of your songs are sensitively romantically themed, as is the new release, …why is that and can the songs be taken at face value or is there a hidden message in between the lines?

I believe Romance and connection to other people is one of the reasons we’re here. However I’m what has been termed a ‘hapless Romantic’ for the murky wake that has been my romantic life. I really am a terrible romantic ‘wandering in sunflower fields waxing lyrically about the extreme heady highs and the lows of romantic passions ” .. but I can’t seem to hold a romance together in the real world…lol. Believe me I’ve I tend to use writing as kind of investigation and to unravel and understand not just my experiences but the general romantic themes we all know and love. Interestingly ” My kind of crazy” is an extension of this. Finding someone you really click with might just be the answer… if of course I knew what the question was …lol

Is there a song that never fails to evoke emotion every time you hear it?

Of course. There are many and for many reasons. Memories, elation, happiness, fun , sadness etc. Music and lyrics do something very strange and unique to us. It’s like a personal, individual key to our emotions. Almost like the individual key to our emotional DNA. How many times have you seen someone fall into rapture about a song & you think ” huh? .. No sorry I just don’t get it, I’m not feeling it” .. then something random just spins you out. That’s purely because it connects with you, you personally. It has the key, the code to get into your emotional Psyche, the things you’re built from over decades of listening to music, your emotional DNA. That’s when music evokes emotion.

Who is your favorite romantic influence or character?

Gosh!! … I have absolutely no idea. As a simple answer I’d say some of the great poets but that’s too easy. I think the honest answer is a myriad of songwriters who paint pictures and investigate emotions. The likes of Burt Bacharach, Scott Walker even Sinatra. Latterly Prince in particular the stunning romance he delivers through his songwriting is palpable.. Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchel Fleetwood Mac, Zeppelin..too many to mention.

If you were a super hero what would your powers be and why?

I’d have the power to see deceit and make people tell the truth. End of. Much of this world is built on lies and deceit and many ills would be healed if people were compelled to tell the truth. Politicians wouldn’t stand a

Knowing everything you know now what advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t worry… you’re gonna do great stuff & have a blast !! .. Oh and … don’t listen to your a career in music IS a ‘proper Job’

You’re heading out to gig in London at the end of April and then New York in June… what can the audience look forward to?

Excitement, something Bold to stir the emotions, LOTS of energy, something LOUD, something certainly to remember.

Any new projects on the horizon?

I’m excitedly working with US songwriter Mike Greenly who has asked for my dulcet tones and a bit of musical input on 3 of his tracks. These will be finished at the end of April for release soon after. A video for “Don’t Cry” will be out as soon as we can pry it out of the filmmakers deathly grip, A CRAZY video for “My Kind of Crazy” featuring vaudeville & burlesque acts will be shot in May, the full band will be rehearsing for a tour later in the year with AV Show and some real fun stuff. I’ve a few more collaborations to work on, these are really exciting and if anyone out there wants a vocal or a little ‘007’ input.. get in touch

Is there any relevance to the background of your promo photo from “my kind of crazy” looking like Bowie’s last photo shoot?

It’s a tribute to Bowie for being “My Kind of Crazy”.

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