Saskia Vese: The Wonder Woman of Country Music by Eileen Shapiro

As naïve as Loretta Lynn in “A Coal Miners Daughter”, yet as strong as she became, British Country singer Saskia Vese is quickly creating a supreme buzz both in the U.K. as well as stateside. Sounding similar to the iconic Shania Twain, and equally as talented, Saskia’s dreams of recording a country hit is just moments away.

With two singles already recorded, her third single entitled, “Slow Dance” was just released on December 23, 2017, and is already making a dent in the country scene. Having aspirations of visiting New York, and eventually recording in Nashville, Saskia is designing her own career, crafting her talent, and planning some gigs in the US.

I met Saskia on the streets of London, along with her little dog Ambia, and found her easily to be a brand new friend. Aside from her singing and recording, she is also a successful fashion model, which she uses as a vehicle to follow her musical dream.

What first stimulated you to become a singer?

Olivia newton John got me interested in country music. I officially started singing after hearing Shania Twain, who is one of my favorite singers.

In a country like the U.K. that is inundated with rock influenced genres, how did you come to love country music?

After watching “Grease” I started researching the career of Olivia Newton John, and when I realized she was a Grammy Award Winning Country Music Singer I started listening to her music all of the time . I used to sing all of her songs, I know them all and have all of her albums.

What is your favorite reason for singing to live audiences?

I am very passionate about my music and love to share and hopefully connect with them on a level that everyone can identify with. I hope that my fans and music lovers enjoy what I do as I love performing for them.

Do you have a favorite singer, and why?

Olivia Newton John is my favorite singer. Olivia Newton John has written such a large catalog of phenomenal songs and touches people in a way you wouldn’t think possible . Olivia is willing to reveal how she’s feeling in a song. I think that Olivia Newton John is courageous, strong, passionate and kind, and hope to emulate her career. I play her music almost every day and really respect her as an artist.

If you could write the soundtrack of your life, what songs would be on it?

The soundtrack of my life would consist of Country songs, old Americana songs, Country/Rock Pop songs, Acoustic guitar ballads and Uptempo ballads.

Someone has just written the story of your life, what’s the title?

“Love Is The Reason In The End”

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I hope to be signed to Sony Records in Nashville and to have homes in Nashville and New York, while having 2-3 successful Country albums. I would also love to sing live on the Jules Holland show on BBC TV and radio.

What is your very best quality, and why?

I have a pure strong heart, I really like to help others as well as pursuing my dreams of being a successful country singer. I think it is important to have a pure strong heart that you live by or else your dreams will never be yours.

When you’re not doing music, what are you doing?

I love going to the cinema, walking my dog Ambia , spending time with my family, studying Apple Apps, listening to my jukebox quite loud, playing dance music and singing karaoke.

If you could give the younger Saskia advice, what would you tell her?

Stay at school until your 18-19, then attend University for 3-4 years. When you have completed this task you will be ready to tackle the world. Also, avoid having a boyfriend when you are young and ambitious

If you could tell your fans anything, what would you want them to know?

I’d want them to know that now they have me and will never be alone again. Hopefully the lyrics to my music will guide them like Olivia Newton John guided me.

What’s new for Saskia in 2018 and beyond?

My new single “Slow Dance” is now out and available on iTunes and Amazon worldwide. We are working on playing several UK music festivals and possibly a tour in New York. I am going to NYC in March for a few months to write, record, and hone my craft. The possibilities are endless and I want to thank all my fans for their never-ending support.
Twitter @saskia_vese

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