Scott Chasolen “Limbo” by Eileen Shapiro

New York based artist Scott Chasolen has just released his new single entitled “Limbo”, an emotional and compelling, soul searching, heart felt, “purgatory between togetherness and divorce. I wrote it while my marriage was hanging in thin air, unsure what direction it would go”… the artist.

Mostly a pianist, Scott Chasolen has toured internationally with a Pink Floyd cover band called “The Machine.” Introduced to the music world at age ten, by age sixteen he was already performing in New York City while studying jazz. A multi-instrumentalist, Scott has the capacity to write powerful lyrics with his strong, plush vocal ability to back them. His style is concentrated upon a blend of folk, rock, and elements of jazz. His passionate and sensitive song writing is set to be released in an album titled, “Living In Limbo.”

I called Scott regarding his music as his “obnoxiously quaking duck’ alarm was sounding off. He was funny and candid and a blast to speak to. He can be found playing throughout New York City and Brooklyn….

So my first question is did you ever get that divorce?

Yes. It was a painful purgatory but it eventually resolved….one way or another. Everyone says “I’m so sorry you went through that”..My response is the same, I’m kind of glad I did. It inspired me to write probably the most intense music that I ever have…and now I’m happy that I’m not married to that person anymore.

So talk about Limbo.

It’s an interesting story because I am actually a pianist. At the time I was displaced from my home. I wasn’t living anywhere and I didn’t have access to a piano. All I had was my acoustic guitar with me. I am mostly a pianist, but I was so desperate to express everything I was going through that I just started writing songs on the guitar. I didn’t have any choice.

Well it’s a really good song so maybe you should write some more using that guitar?

Well the whole record which I haven’t released yet is about half guitar songs and half piano songs. It wound up being an important instrument for me at that time. And now guitar has kind of become my new song writing partner. It’s a painful song but it was very important for me at the time, and it seems universally relatable to many people who have heard it. That’s comforting to know.

That song might become an anthem.

I could only hope.

You have been doing music for a while?

I have. Most of my life.

Being NY based, where do you play?

I play at Rockwood Music Hall, I play at The Brooklyn Bowl, and I used to play at BB Kings a lot, but that’s no longer there. I do a lot of hired stuff as a keyboard player, so I tour with a few different bands.

You tour with the Pink Floyd cover band?

I do, I’ve been doing that for a long time. It’s so great I really love doing that. It’s very spiritual music.

When you write songs aside from divorce, what inspires you?

I’m inspired by beauty. I’m inspired by pain. I’m inspired by love. I am inspired by meaning, things that are real. I think that I write mostly about my own experiences. I rarely make up things to write about. Usually they are always real. I’ve never been much for projecting situations that haven’t happened to me. I think that’s where I’m coming from with writing.

If you could say anything to your fans and followers, what would you say?…I’m sure that you don’t want them to know that you get woken up by a duck every day….

Actually I might. I mean that kind of says a lot about somebody doesn’t it? I think my motto at least right now is every moment matters. I really live that way.

So you are about to release an album?

It’s a whole album, 12 songs of heartbreak. I’m shooting for early 2019 because I have a few more songs to release, and then I’ll drop the whole album. The album is called, “Living In Limbo”, and “Limbo” is the single.

Do you plan to tour when the album comes out?

I don’t think I will. I mostly play my own music here, in the city. There is nobody that plays on the album, I play pretty much everything. So I would just be going out on my lonesome, which I guess could be cool.

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