Sir Ivan To Guest On The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell Wednesday July 12th, 2017

Sir Ivan will be a featured guest on The Jimmy Star Show live radio/tv show hosted by King of Cool Jimmy Star along with Cool Man About Town Ron Russell to discuss his new single “I Am Peaceman” featuring Debbie Gibson, his music, his career and the entertainment industries at large. The Jimmy Star Show is tv/radio’s coolest hit show, featuring the coolest in music, entertainment, fashion and pop culture, all from a fun industry insider perspective in a completely live, unedited fast-paced two-hour conversational format.

Banker–turned–singer, reality TV celebrity and social activist Ivan Wilzig has led a life that Hollywood movies are made of. After twenty years of working in his family’s multi-billion dollar commercial banking business and serving on the bank’s Board of Directors, Ivan left the banking world, reinvented himself as recording artist Sir Ivan, and against all odds became a Top Ten Billboard Magazine Recording Artist.

The journey began when Sir Ivan played a demo tape for Dave Jurman, Senior Executive Director of Dance Music at Colombia Records. Dave was so impressed with Ivan’s talent and enthusiasm that he immediately introduced him to Ernie Lake, half of the two–time Grammy nominated producer team known as Soul Solution. Sir Ivan chose as his first single the iconic John Lennon song “Imagine,” as the lyrics and message closely mirrored his own beliefs of creating a world without violence and hatred. The reason these lyrics resonated so strongly with Ivan is because his father was an Auschwitz concentration camp survivor and 59 Jewish family members had been murdered during the Holocaust. The single was signed by Tom Silverman, the owner of Tommy Boy Records, released on September 4, 2001, exactly one week before the horrendous September 11th tragedy, and broke the Top 40 on the Billboard Club Play Chart.

It was the first time in history that a recording artist had converted the slow rock ballad “Imagine” into a high energy dance record. In fact, it was the first time that a recording artist remade any Beatles or John Lennon ballad into a techno dance record. In combining techno tracks with hippy lyrics, Sir Ivan had developed a new style he called “Technippy.” Incredibly, thirty years after Lennon’s original release, Sir Ivan had made the song popular again for a new generation.

Inspired by the success of “Imagine”, he decided that all of his music would be about universal love, human rights and peace. The ’60s were both the most evolutionary and revolutionary period in history – when civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights were bravely fought for. The fight for these rights is still being waged today and Sir Ivan is leading the battle through his music and his non-profit organization, The Peaceman Foundation ( which was created in 2005 to fight hatred and violence. Since then, Sir Ivan and The Peaceman Foundation have donated over $500,000 to various charities, including many LGBT charities, anti-bullying charities, and organizations that help those directly affected by violence, such as those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In addition, Sir Ivan has spent well over a million dollars on producing songs and music videos that champion LGBT rights.

After various degrees of success with other songs on the Billboard Charts, Sir Ivan finally got the recognition from the music industry he was seeking when, for the first time, he went Top Ten on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs Chart with his hit single “Hare Krishna” in 2011, sharing the chart with superstar performers Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. After this feat, the momentum never stopped. With his hit single “Live For Today,” Sir Ivan made not one, but two different Top Ten Music Week Magazine Charts in the UK in 2011 and 2012 along with fellow artists Scissor Sisters, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, Tiesto, and Florence + the Machine. His first original song that he co-wrote the lyrics to, “La La Land,” also made the Top Ten in UK’s Music Week Chart in 2012, joining such artists as David Guetta, Elton John, and Kylie Minogue. Then he co-wrote lyrics to his anti-bullying anthem, “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye”, created specifically to address the nation’s teen bullying epidemic and the high suicide rate occurring within the LGBT teenage community. Produced by Paul Oakenfold and featuring Taylor Dayne, the song landed in the Top Ten in UK’s Music Week Chart in 2015, alongside Rita Ora and Chris Brown. Sir Ivan’s dream of becoming a pop star had become a reality.

Sir Ivan’s most recent single, an anthem against gun violence, “I Am Peaceman”, produced by Ali Dee and featuring Debbie Gibson, was released June 7, 2017 and is climbing steadily in the charts.

The Jimmy Star Show is pleased to showcase the expertise and talent of Sir Ivan and all anticipate a fun and informative time talking with him about his career and the entertainment industries at large. Join King of Cool Jimmy Star, and Cool Man about Town Ron Russell as they have a playful and sometimes wild time with the talented featured guest!

To hear/watch Sir Ivan live on The Jimmy Star Show tune in to W4CY Radio on Wednesday July 12th, 2017 from 3-5 pm ET and 12-2 pm PT online at from anywhere in the world!

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