The Mob’s Press: Taking Entertainment Promotion To A Whole New Level

The Mob’s Press was founded by social media ninja Johanne Britton in 2012, and has evolved into an enterprising multi-media publisher for artists, culture and events that can create, promote and convert content into greater brand awareness and event/ticket sales.

The Mob’s Press has been able to expand its promotional brand into a full-service artists, events marketing and promotions agency, unlike any other in the world, and have cleverly broadened their service offering into 4 new areas of benefit for individuals looking to create brand awareness:

Event & Ticketing Management: Mob Events

Submit, promote and sell your event tickets on The Mob’s Press Ticketing Site. Includes White Glove service where The Mob’s Press handles event inquiries, saving clients valuable time that they can use to focus on making their event successful.

Online Management: Mob Artists

The Mob’s Press has adopted a thorough and customized approach to tactfully creating an online management strategy that maximizes the artist’s social networks, brand assets, resources and drives inbound booking leads. If you are an artist starting to break out and who needs a website, splash page, digital ads, social media set up and/or online management, you’ve come to the right place.

Content Networks: Mob Coverage

Thousands of users visit The Mob’s Press blog sites daily on,, and . By joining the mob as a writer, photographer or artist, you can leverage The Mob’s Press extended network of culture lovers, festival partners and content creators to get your brand seen and heard on the World Wide Web.

Promotional Campaigns: Mob Promotions

If you have an event, festival or show coming up, The Mob’s Press is the best resource available to promote it! From onsite with eye-catching Mob For Hire street teams wearing signature red-fedora outfits to online social media and customer acquisition campaigns, The Mob’s Press executes campaigns into desirable conversion results.

Amplify your career, brand, event and let The Mob’s Press work for you. Get all the information you need to go to the next level here:

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