#Video #Event #JimmyStarShow #Guest Captain Of The Lost Waves – “Mr Many Men” Online Exclusive Video Release August 14th, 2017

Join The Captain Of The Lost Waves on Facebook on Monday August 14th, 2017 from 7:30 PM – 10 PM UTC+01 for the worldwide release of the brand new video for the second single ‘Mr Many Men’ to be taken from the critically acclaimed debut album “Hidden Gems – Chapter 1.”

This is an event you will not want to miss….

Captain Of The Lost Waves is an incredible UK band that has created a totally unique show and sound that will take you on an eclectic, theatrical, musical journey that you will never forget. Extremely original, Captain Of The Lost waves could be the genius lovechild of Vivian Stanshall and Edith Piaf. From the deliciously original artwork of Damian Clark to the music of Murray Grainger, Tony Taffinder and Dave Bowie Jr, their new album “Hidden Gems” is an entertaining circus, it’s enticingly macabre, it’s Gothic, it’s eerie, it’s playful, it’s music hall, hypnotically irresistible and indulgently artistic.

The History : “Mr Many Men”

A Pertinent page from the Captain’s Journal. Ones stories over the ages, those of an inter-galactic time detective…and so in light of the brand new current sonic offering…

Here we go, page 49…

1972 and on to a little island in the Northern hemisphere…

Usually I would find myself teetering on the slimmest of ledges, outside the windows of a sprawling Victorian house in Londinium…I can’t quite lose the old terminology, you know it as LONDON

It was there that I would love to listen to the sweet, syrupy, slightly sardonic tales of characters of a singular trait depicted in comedic line drawings made popular by a writer from the Wild Wild West of Yorkshire, a Mr Roger Hargreaves, responsible for a series of books known as the Mr Men.

So one could be Mr Slow, Mr Nonsense, Mr Clumsy, Mr Dizzy, Mr Small, Mr Fussy.

The fortunate thing for the Mr Men was that they could be nothing other than what they were…Hence no-one would dream of asking Mr Slow to hurry up, for he was Mr Slow!

Unlike these magical characters the human being must embrace a multitude of facets and expressions, both paradoxical and ever changing.

These stories were told to the young and very impressionable Albert Winters…the boy who constantly questioned why he was so much more than just one thing…he grew up to be “Mr Many Men”…don’t we all dear Albert, don’t we all?



I’m Mr Tentative and shy in large and crowded places to Mr mmm I like it most in those wide and open spaces say it like you mean it
I’m Mr Small and the world is getting larger Mr Dizzy on the black run I swear that they are harder say it like you mean it

I’m sometimes Mr Clumsy and I’m often Mr Wrong and when I’m Mr Muddle I think I’m him for far too long say it like you mean it

I’m mischief nonsense grumble fussy worry slow I’m all the Mr Men at once and some I guess you’ve yet to know?
I’m Mr ‘work in progress’ to Mr ‘yes I’m done’ to Mr ‘I am all those things’ to Mr ‘no I think I’m none’

I’m Mr funky dancer tis James Brown in my hips to Mr Marx ‘I wasn’t kissing her I was just whispering in her lips’

I’m Mr beach boy music yes I’ve been happy sad and I’m so good no good so good no good at being bad
I’m Mr happy clappy they say I’m way too gregarious I smile in places they deem precarious

Join Captain Of The Lost Waves for their worldwide video release for “Mr Many Men” on Facebook on Monday August 14th, 2017 from 7:30 PM – 10 PM UTC+01.

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