Batgirl Sideshow Collectibles Premium Figure Revealed

Sideshow Collectibles ended its annual 12 Days of Sideshow showcase in the form of a brand new, premium format Batgirl figure.

After beginning last week, Sideshow’s 12 Days of Sideshow ran through January 5, 2024, and saw a variety of new products revealed. The final product is an impressively detailed figure of Batgirl.

More information on the figure coming in the future

While not too much was revealed about the figure, the product itself was shown off in full. The figure is of Batgirl standing atop what looks to be a beaten-up version of Clayface, with batarangs and other objects stuck in the iconic villain. Batgirl can be seen standing on top of the villain, crowbar in hand, and wiping away something from her mouth.

Nothing else was shown off about the figure as of yet, but fans can RSVP for more updates on Sideshow’s website.

Other products announced during the 12 Days of Sideshow event include a Batman vs. The Joker figure, a new Mystique figure, a Star Wars figure based on Captain Rex, a Dazzler figure, a John Constantine figure, a Bettie Page figure, a new Spider-Man figure, two Pulp Vixens figures, a Colossus and Wolverine figure, an Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, and a “Weapon X” Wolverine figure.

The second day of 12 Days of Sideshow brought with it a mysterious tease of an iconic X-Men character in the form of Mystique. Similar to the Batman vs. The Joker figure, this will also be a premium format figure, although no official image was revealed outside of a brief teaser (below).

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