Dawntrail Release Date & Collector’s Edition Revealed

Square Enix has revealed the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail release date for the latest expansion to the massive multiplayer online role-playing game.

The company revealed that Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail‘s release date is July 2, 2026. Preorders for the expansion begin tomorrow on March 26, with the standard and newly revealed Collector’s Edition, as well as the Digital Collector’s Edition, all being available for preorder.

According to the press release, the contents of the Collector’s Edition are as follows:

  • Dawntrail Special Art Box – A unique art box with a shimmering golden base, evocative of a fabled city of gold. It features a Dawntrail illustration by artist Yoshitaka Amano.
  • Expertly Crafted Viper Figure – An impressive high-quality figure that showcases the Warrior of Light as a viper. Including the base, the figure measures approximately H 9.65″ x W 4.52″ x D 5.90″ (H 24.5cm x W 11.5cm x D 15cm).
  • Adventurer’s Cloth Map – The latest version of the FFXIV world map, which includes new locations debuting in Dawntrail. Printed on high-quality cloth, measuring approximately 16.53″ x 29.52″ (42cm x 75cm).
  • The Unending Journey – A ruled notebook inspired by a favorite journal of adventurers, measuring approximately 5.90″ x 4.33″ (15cm x 11cm).
  • Adventurer’s Pen Case – A roll-up pen case to hold writing instruments and other small items essential to your adventures. Unfolded, the pen case measures approximately 8.26″ x 9.44″ (21cm x 24cm).

You can view the Collector’s Edition in the photo below:

What in-game items do you get with Dawntrail’s Collector’s Edition and for preordering?

Additionally, that and the Digital Collector’s Edition will come with three in-game items: the Ark Mount, a Minion of Final Fantasy IX’s Garnet, and a Chocobo Brush Pictomancer Weapon. Preordering from specific retailers will also net players early access to Dawntrail tentatively on June 28, 2024 at 2:00 a.m. PT, a wind-up minion of Final Fantasy IX’s Zidane, and the in-game equipment Azeyma’s Earrings.

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