Doctor Strange Digs Into the Spellbook in Midnight Suns Teaser

Midnight Suns is diving headfirst into the mystical end of things in the Marvel universe more than any other recent media. It only makes sense that the Sorcerer Supreme would be a core part of the team, and today’s chosen hero teaser introduces this universe’s Doctor Strange to the game’s growing lineup.

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Strange’s Hero Spotlight trailer showcases just a glimpse of the hero unleashing several spells, including everything from invoking the Eye of Agamotto to summoning a shadowy face from beyond. The limited gameplay in the teaser trailer indicates that the spellslinger will be hurling projectiles at anyone who opposes Marvel’s mystic team, but we’ll have to wait a few days for developer Firaxis to reveal the full gameplay details on Doctor Strange’s otherworldly arsenal.

There have been deep dives on several characters before this in the form of a series of gameplay showcases that have regularly appeared on the Midnight Suns YouTube channel. Players can check out all the details on Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man so far; more are expected to be on the way.

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No matter who your favorite Marvel hero is, they will likely play a bit differently in Midnight Suns. The game is akin to XCOM, trading in the action-heavy gameplay of most Marvel games for tactical strategy. Of course, the Marvel pantheon will probably make any encounter bombastic even if it’s turn-based, which should appeal to the Marvel faithful even if they haven’t played one of these types of games in the past.

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