Don Mancini & Devon Sawa Talk Chucky’s Mortality and Favorite Characters

Chucky Season 3 Part 2 is almost upon us, and the last four episodes of the season promise much chaos as the killer doll wrestles with his own mortality, and the young protagonists aim to stop him from making a really big addition to his increasing kill count.

Ahead of the show returning, ComingSoon’s Senior Horror Editor Neil Bolt spoke to creator Don Mancini and series stalwart Devon Sawa about Chucky’s longevity, Devon playing multiple roles, and if there’s a chance he can survive Chucky one day.

Neil Bolt: What was behind the decision to have Chucky deal with his mortality like this, Don?

Don Mancini: Well, one of the interesting things about doing a television show is you get to deal with characters and relationships and evolving relationships at a much deeper level than any single 90-minute movie. And you know, one of the things I’ve loved doing, even before the show, was taking Chucky in different directions and learning more about his character.

One of the important things to me is that we know so much about Chucky, which is not necessarily true of other slasher icons. We know all about his domestic life, his relationship with his kid, his likes and dislikes, and his frailties.

I like the idea of giving this killer doll a very human dilemma of dealing with his own waning power and potential obsolescence in pop culture and death. I just thought that was interesting and funny!

Plus, I knew that the look of old Chucky would be great and a chilling new variation.

Absolutely, and on that, has it been a fun challenge to keep reinventing Chucky on this show? He’s still the same evil guy, but you’ve successfully spun him in so many directions over the years.

DM: It’s been really fun. It’s the thing that really keeps me going on this. I love adding to this world, adding to the Chucky mythology, and making the Chucky universe bigger. It’s been a real privilege. You know a lot of people in my position who create characters they’re not in the position to do that and would probably like to. I feel lucky in that regard.

Indeed, it’s very rare to be able to hold on to characters for so long over movies, TV shows, and other things.

DM: And still played by the same actors!

Exactly, that’s the wildest thing about it! Devon, you’ve also got to play so many roles in Chucky. Which has been your favorite to date?

Devon Sawa: I guess it’s always the newest role, can I say that?

Yeah absolutely.

DM: Have you seen the last four episodes yet, Neil?

No! Not yet!

DS: So then, the president is my favorite role! I mean, I like them all. Obviously, Lucas and Logan are different kinds of characters because Lucas, especially, there was nothing fun about some of the scenes I did. They were dark and nasty. And the President is a good guy, so it’s a lot easier to play. It’s been a blessing to take on all these roles and try to do something new and unique each time. I would say this season is my favorite as far as roles go.

That’s a fair answer.

DS: I do like the Priest, though; he was fun.

Yeah, that’s my favorite. It was like a holy twist on those more stubborn characters you’d played. Given your beef with Chucky and how many times he’s killed your characters now, do you think you’ll get one over on him eventually?

DS: I hope so! I really hope at the very end of this thing, I can just wave and say, ‘’I’m still here! Whew!’’. I don’t know; I like dying, and dying in all these different ways. It makes Don so happy to see me perish.

DM: I think for the prospect of that happening, the episode would have to be titled, ‘’Over Chucky’s Dead Body’’.

Chucky Season 3 Part 2 begins April 10, 2024 on SyFy and USA Network.

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