Exclusive Mother Midnight Trailer Previews Korean Thriller

ComingSoon is excited to debut the Mother Midnight trailer for the Korean thriller that is also known as Seokkarae. feature film. Written, directed, and edited by British filmmaker Mike Beech, it stars Jiwon Lee, Jongho Lee, Tuin Tak, Jaejin Yun, Hyeonji Son, and Hyeonjae Lee. The Movie Agency will represent the movie at the European Film Market in Berlin.

Mother Midnight tells the story of twenty-something Jiwon who attempts to deal with the loss of her headstrong mother, her father’s alcoholism, and her complicated relationship with a demanding boyfriend,” reads the synopsis. “To make things worse, a violent construction worker demands heavy compensation for a dispute he had with Jiwon’s mother. Turning to a local shaman for help, Jiwon will realize that decisive decisions must be made to save her family, her home, and herself.”

Check out the Mother Midnight trailer below:

Mother Midnight is produced by Jiwon Lee, Hyojin Lee, Mike Beech, Daniel Walker, and Thomas Maitland. It features cinematography by Maitland and music by Jack Fielden-Irving

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