Frankly Speaking Episode 6 Trailer Teases Love Triangle Between Go Kyung-Pyo, Kang Han-Na & Joo Jung-Hyuk 

JTBC recently shared the Frankly Speaking episode 6 trailer, featuring Go Kyung-Pyo, Kang Han-Na, and Joo Jung-Hyuk in lead roles. The romance comedy K-drama revolves around a TV announcer and his condition, where he cannot lie.

In the previous episode, Song Ki-Baek (Go Kyung-Pyo) participated in On Woo-Joo’s (Kang Han-Na) reality dating show. He struggled to keep his tongue in control on the set; however, he managed to create entertaining content. Toward the end of the episode, Ki-Baek told Woo-Joo that she used him to portray Kim Jung-Heon’s (Joo Jong-Hyuk) good side. While clarifying the misunderstanding, she said that she chose Ki-Baek for her show because he made her heart flutter.

The trailer for the upcoming episode 6 features a love triangle between Ki-Baek, Woo-Joo, and Jung-Heon. While Jung-Heon indirectly confesses that he still likes his ex, Ki-Baek explores his feelings for Woo-Joo.

Watch the trailer here:

Frankly Speaking episode 6 trailer: Go Kyung-Pyo gets jealous of Kang Han-Na & Joo Jung-Hyuk

The Frankly Speaking episode 6 trailer begins with Woo-Joo avoiding Ki-Baek after her confession. It further features the reality show welcoming a new female participant who gets attracted to Ki-Baek.

Seeing their connection, Woo-Joo may feel jealous. The new girl asks Ki-Baek if he likes someone there. Meanwhile, Jung-Heon and Woo-Joo grow closer, which does not sit well with Ki-Baek. Also, Jung-Heon reveals in an interview that he still likes his ex-girlfriend. Interestingly, the interviewer is Woo-Joo, his former lover.

Furthermore, Woo-Joo asks Ki-Baek to express his feelings. In response, he says, “I am hurt, okay? I am upset.” The video shows that he tries to control his tongue but, later, tells Woo-Joo, “There’s something I want to do.” The trailer ends on an intense note. The variety show’s producer tells Woo-Joo that they have a big problem to deal with.

Frankly Speaking episode 6 premiers on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 8.50 p.m. KST on JTBC. It also streams on Netflix.

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