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Our Interpreter is an ongoing C-drama that has garnered lots of attention from both domestic and international Chinese drama lovers. The drama premiered on January 8, 2024, on Hunan Television. It is also available on iQIYI. The drama follows the genre of office romance and features popular actors like Victoria Song and Chen Xingxu as main characters.

Our Interpreter tells the story of Lin Xi (Victoria Song) and Xiao Yicheng (Chen Xingxu), who have to face each other because of work many years after their break-up. C-dramas that portray a similar story include My Boss, Love Designer, Love Is Sweet, Lucky’s First Love, Murphy’s Law of Love, etc.

1.My Boss

My Boss, starring Zhang Ruonan and Chen Xingxu, is gaining immense popularity among its viewers. The modern office rom-com follows the story of Cheng Yao (Zhang Ruonan), who dreams of becoming a top lawyer. She is very happy when she gets recruited by a top law firm. After she moves into her new apartment, she meets her roommate, Qian Heng (Chen Xingxu), who later turns out to be her boss. Qian Heng is not an easy person to work with. Soon, Cheng Yao’s professional life starts to face hardships. But she is not ready to back down and is determined to prove her worth. The C-drama is available for streaming on Youku.

2. Love Designer

This C-drama features popular actors Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang in the main roles. Dilraba plays the character of Zhou Fang, who is a sophisticated individual. Her life turns upside down when she meets Song Lin (Johnny Huang) because of a lawsuit. Although they both are stubborn, their personalities are completely opposite. What happens when they are forced to work together? Love Designer is available on iQIYI and WeTV for streaming.

3. Love Is Sweet

This 2020 C-drama tells the love story between Jiang Jun (Bai Lu) and Yuan Shuai (Luo Yunxi). Jiang Jun joins an investment company as an employee and meets her childhood friend, Yuan Shuai. But he has completely changed and only sees Jun as a rival at the workplace. As they continue to work together, love starts to bloom between them. Viewers can watch the drama on iQIYI.

4. Lucky’s First Love

This 2019 drama has a star-studded cast, including prominent actors Bai Lu and Xing Zhaolin. Bai Lu plays the character of Xing Yun, a sketch artist who is recruited by a big gaming company. Xia Ke, her boss, gives her a hard time at work. Even though they are not fond of each other at first, they eventually fall for each other. In this C-drama, Xing Yun has to face many hurdles in her professional as well as personal life. She finally wins over her first love, Xia Ke.

5. Murphy’s Law of Love

This comedy series came out in 2015. Guan Xiao Tong (Ivelyn Li), known as the ultimate love guru in the matchmaking industry, is heartbroken after her boyfriend leaves her. She runs an online dating company. Guan Xiao receives a partnership proposal from Jia Wei (Danson Tang), CEO of a divorce agency. Even though she accepts the offer, the duo does not get along. Things start to complicate even further when a famous chef falls for Guan Xiao. Viewers can watch the drama on Viki.

Other C-dramas that fall under the same genre include Mr. Honesty, Find Yourself, Boss & I, Iron Ladies, Here to Heart, Refresh Man, etc.

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