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Hierarchy Season 1 throws us into a world where wealth and status are the ultimate weapons. The release date, trailer, and cast details have fans eagerly awaiting the conclusion. The plot follows two arrogant students at the school. However, their lives turn miserable with the arrival of an astute scholarship student. If you want details regarding the release date, cast, and plot of Hierarchy Season 1, this is what we have learned.

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Release date — when is Hierarchy Season 1 coming out?

Hierarchy Season 1’s release date is June 7, 2024.

It is a South Korean original teen-themed thriller romantic drama series. Directed by Bae Hyeon-jin, the plot follows a fascinating set of events that unfold at the elitist Jooshin High School, which alters the life of elitist students into a chaotic mess.

Trailer — watch it now

You can watch the Hierarchy Season 1 trailer below:

The trailer for Hierarchy Season 1 showcases a captivating story set within the Jooshin High School. It focuses on how the surprise entry of a genius scholarship student bewilders the elitist students, altering their fates forever.

Cast — who is in Hierarchy Season 1?

Hierarchy Season 1 cast includes:

  • Roh Jeong-Eui as Jung Jae-Yi
  • Lee Chae-Min as Kang Ha
  • Kim Jae-Won as Kim Ri-An
  • Ji Hye-Won as Yoon He-Ra
  • Lee Won-Jung as Lee Woo-Jin

Plot – what’s the story about?

In Season 1, a club of rich kids controls the hierarchy at the elite Jooshin High School. The other students do not dare question their authority. Everything is going on smoothly until the entry of a sharp-minded student, whose arrival creates an uproar and stirs up drama as well.

Jung Jae-Yi and Kim Ri-An, spoilt and affluent kids, are the undisputed and ruling king and queen of the Jooshin High School. The other students are usually scared of Jae-Yi and Ri-An’s wrath, so no one questions their authority. But, soon an avalanche of destruction in its wake enters their school in the form of an intelligent scholarship student named Kang Ha. Will Kang Ha’s surprise arrival in school turn the tables and crack the order of hierarchy?

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